Technology and innovation hold the keys to the expansion plans of one of Hong Kong’s leading silk enterprises says its executive director, LAM GEE YU, WILL.

“Our company was founded in 1978 in Hong Kong by Lam Foo Wah, who is also the Chairman of the board. The company has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1992, says Lam Gee Yu, Will, the company’s Executive Director.

High Fashion International Limited (“HFI”; Stock Code: 608.HK) is a global leading silk enterprise operating a fully integrated value chain that covers yarn and fabric development to finishing, fashion design to production, and manufacturing to retail. It is known for its product innovation and top-grade quality, and operates the National Silk Product Development Base authorized by the China National Textile Development Center, which is one of the largest silk fabric production bases in China. 

Expanding Scope

“Our development has been ingrained with that of Hong Kong’s and China’s, as well as some of fashion’s biggest names. While our corporate headquarters is in Hong Kong, our state-of-the-art silk and fabric R&D and manufacturing facilities are on mainland China, and our products are sold to customers world-wide. We are proud to have contributed to China’s ascension to become the world’s manufacturing powerhouse, and the growth of international fashion brands,” says Lam.

HFI supplies world-class silk fabric and products to the biggest international fashion brands through its extensive distribution network.

“Not only is our company a fully vertically integrated silk manufacturer. But we are also aiming to become a global leading enterprise and brand in silk and fashion by leveraging smart technologies and innovation to develop omni-channel commerce and expand global partnerships.”

Greater Value

“Hong Kong is one of the world’s freest trading markets, determined by the forces of demand and supply. We have benefitted from this environment to become one of the world’s leading silk and fashion manufacturers and enterprises, capitalizing on China’s phenomenal growth.

“We will leverage smart technologies and innovation to not only strengthen our manufacturing capabilities, but also to capitalize on new opportunities in omni-channel and e-commerce, as well as form deeper collaborations with business partners in the fashion industry and within the fashion eco-system, which will broaden our scale and scope as a business to create greater enterprise value.

“Our corporate culture – ‘to be responsible and not repeat mistakes’ and ‘people come first’ – underlines what we do and how we conduct our business,” concludes Lam.

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