Heels on, head up high, eyes on alluring windows – I could now feel the sense of fashion running through my veins – straight to my heart. The dresses – the sheen of silk, bib of lace, and the hook-buttons — made me want to touch it. Elegant perfume carry the dews sweeter than honey, is wrapped around in the arms of the ribbon. Shiny leather shoes made me dwell in Cinderella’s story. Everything was crowned with a halo under gleaming flashlights, striving for finest beauty.

A harmony of styles was created when shops on both sides flank the flashing runway began vying for the eye.

I feel my pulse synchronizing with all the glamour around me. All things desirable came flashing before me as I strode amongst the enchanting scene of fashion. But two more steps forward I looked over my shoulder.

“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws which without this appearance would have remained eternally hidden from us.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I stopped, and shifted into thought.

What does being in fashion mean, after all?

Vogue-in or vogue-out: beauty is beyond.

The spirit of fashion is not an existence, nor an experience.
It is the thrill of passion, a structure of sensations, to anyone who feels it with joy. It was a moment when a girl’s soul is more incarnate; when the most spiritual beauty bespeaks itself.

That, is fashion for me.

The spirit of Elements, and of the rays of light, and of charisma, seemed to blend in with the spirit of fashion harmoniously.

By Joyce Tsui

Fashion writer and trend watcher JOYCE TSUI finds her passion for fashion in the glitz, glamour and grace of Elements.