The increasing need for IT solutions across a number of key industries can only be filled by robust online platforms, says CHARLES LEE, Founder and Managing Director of LEGAN GROUP.

Formed in 1992, Legan Group gained a formidable reputation as a leader in the data center industry, with subsidiaries that provide total solutions for critical environments & IT infrastructures, cloud solutions, and data centre solutions. It is the parent holding group of 4 main companies: NewTech Group, OneAsia Network Ltd, Zhenhao Online and Octagon Workshop Ltd, along with a charity organization named Legan Foundation.“We are committed to creating value and making a difference for our customers, riding on our truly one-stop shop services & solutions in the design and build of customized environments, information technology and e-commerce,” says Charles Lee, Founder and Managing Director of Legan Group. 

Comprehensive Service

NewTech Group was the first subsidiary of Legan. After establishing their expertise in the design and build of data centers, Legan expanded its offerings to include colocation centres, connectivity and cloud solutions through the formation of OneAsia in 2009, which allowed Legan to provide 360 degree services to data centre owners. Lee added,“Legan always strives to think outside the box, which is why we also extended the business horizontally to include bespoke office interior design services in 2014 with Octagon. For example, a banking client will approach us for a design and build project for data centres, but we can provide more value as their office might also require fit-outs.”

E-Commerce Platform

After obtaining success in infrastructure development and cloud services, Lee decided to venture into applications on IT platforms, and developed the cross-border e-commerce channel – ZhenHao Online in 2015.“In terms of the overall growth of Legan Group, ZhenHao Online is the next focus area for Legan. The core business of ZhenHao is still built on IT services, but the difference between ZhenHao Online and other subsidiaries of Legan Group lies in the end product and the target audience. Instead of providing services to enterprises, ZhenHao Online offers retail products to consumers.”

Bracing for the Future

With the rise in ecommerce platforms, ZhenHao Online must compete with other retail giants such as Alibaba and JingDong in the fast-growing landscape. Charles believes that ZhenHao Online has the potential to grow into a superior brand. “In the near future, China will have the leading number of middle-class citizens in the world – which means more disposable income. However the issue with the retail market in China is still the influx of counterfeit products, therefore ZhenHao Online’s key focus is to sell guaranteed authentic, original brands. We present a luxury lifestyle attitude with selective products such as air purifiers and coffee machines.”

“With OneAsia’s experience in the IT industry, we are highly confident in our ability to extend our operations into ecommerce, digital networks and solutions. In addition, Legan Group has a long history in the proxy of advanced technologies and electro-mechanical products, plus experience in sales and marketing to face the challenges of ZhenHao Online. Other than the platform’s services in China, ZhenHao Online is already in the process of developing a retail platform, HoHoHo, for Hong Kong which focuses on bringing quality foreign goods into the market.”

“We are determined to be the ‘go-to’ company for customers that want the best products and services. The HKMVC Award is a sign that we are on the right track,” concludes Lee.

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