Founded in 2009 and listed on NASDAQ in 2017, iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK) is a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform in China. iClick’s mission is to empower worldwide brands to unlock the enormous market potential of smart retail.

With its leading proprietary technologies, iClick’s full suite of data-driven solutions helps brands drive significant business growth and profitability throughout the full consumer lifecycle. Over the years, iClick has won immense trust from its 3000+ direct marketers and agency clients. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick currently operates in eleven locations across Asia and Europe.

Harnessing data and AI-driven technology, iClick’s full-stack digital marketing solutions empower worldwide marketers to select the right marketing mix to reach Chinese audiences. iClick’s proprietary data-driven marketing technology platform helps brands precisely target and acquire the right customers with its over ten-year experience of machine-learning and AI-driven data analytics, transforming data into insight, action and performance. Leveraging close partnership with premium Chinese publishers and ad exchanges, iClick helps brand connect relevant target audiences via customized ads across multiple channels and screens, such as display, video, search, social and Multi-Channel Network (MCN) covering top-tier KOLs on both mobile and PC.

iClick’s data-driven enterprise solutions are the extended offerings to meet the latest needs of enterprises to maximize the value of their proprietary data and to gain actionable insights from such data that improve enterprise decision-making and empowering them to achieve measurable and sustainable success.

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