Slow but steady growth from land development projects in N. America prove sweet treats for Asia’s astute investors, says GARY TOM who heads Walton’s thrust into developing markets in Asia.

Gary Tom.

Independent investment services providers in Hong Kong have had their nails clipped by government regulation last year leaving many with less to sell. While this means investors are better protected, it also means less choice. North America’s Walton International offers the investors the opportunity to buy into pre-development land projects; land that’s in the path of growth. While this might not whet the appetite of famed short-term speculators, it has caught the eye of serious investors familiar with the rewards of slow, steady growth.

“That’s precisely our target market,” says Gary Tom, Walton’s man in Asia. Tom overseas the brand’s service in current markets and its strategies to open new markets in Asia, like India and Vietnam. “We take our time to carefully pick our markets, but when we do, we pursue a policy of pragmatic growth, focusing on taking each step carefully so as to build and cultivate a relationship with our customers. We do this by educating on a platform of 100% transparency so our customers are as aware of the risks as they are of the opportunity.”

Simple, yet Effective

“As an investment service provider, we have to adapt to changes in the global investment climate, spot opportunities for growth and take time to build relations with customers. We have the right product for the right market. Asians have traditionally been property investors keen on hard assets. The past has shown how volatility can even trump diversification if investors get too speculative. Given today’s choices for the Asian investors who traditionally don’t invest too far from home, there is no clear front-runner given the global currency market, uncertainty of precious metals, the valuation of the RMB and the current state of the Hong Kong property bubble. Over the last 10 years Asian investors have paid the price for short term gains and valuable lessons have been learnt. Today, institutional as well as individual investors are looking at medium-long term gains from providers with a clear record of sound growth and best-business-practices.”

Path Ahead

Walton’s growth in Greater China may well pick up speed given that fund managers here have not been sticking to convention with many now choosing to invest in land development projects overseas. Investors too have begun favouring stable returns. Walton is best placed to exploit the vast reservoirs of developable land in North America and feed the slow but steady growth for housing there. The company is now not only expanding horizontally but vertically too with the start of their home building company – Walton Residential.

“The business model is proven and sound, all we need to do is stay on course reach out to investment markets with the most potential for growth. There is a growing stream of capital from China to N. America, so the potential is there. The trick is to get our investors to be our advertisers. How do you do this? We do it through a strong distribution network that transfers our brand’s character and values, just as we would. China is our third largest market after Hong Kong and Japan. Our vision for growth includes top quality customer service, a consistent approach toward sales and opening new markets and transparency across every aspect of our operations. We have been in Hong Kong for 23 years, and Singapore for 20 and in North America for 35 years, which shows everyone that Walton is in the picture for the long term and in good times as well as bad. In 2007 we entered in to the US and in just under 8 years nearly 3/4 of our land holdings are in the US.”

Value Added

“We run a one-stop-shop and remain open to serve with knowledge-based informative solutions to investor’s queries. We are linked to our end users via experienced distributors who share and carry our values with a mandate to sell in a way that generates goodwill and build lasting bonds of mutual trust and faith. We believe that our sincerity of purpose to all, is the main engine of growth that will continue to power our expansion into Asia. Our mission remains, to offer added value to our partners and investors and provide medium-long term tangible gains for all,” Tom concludes.

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