The sport of tennis is growing in popularity especially amidst the younger generation thanks to SHEUNG TAT TENNIS EQUIPMENT AND TRAINING CENTRE.

Tennis is growing in popularity in Hong Kong not only as a sport but as a healthy lifestyle options as well. One HKMVC Award winner is actively promoting the sport.

“Being an elite junior tennis player himself from the HKSI, our director Sum Tat Shun has founded the company with a vision of providing quality tennis programs that are accessible to people in general,” says Angela Lam, Director, Sheung Tat Tennis Equipment and Training Centre.

“While we understand that tennis was originally a Western sport, we also understand the needs of the Asian students and take these into consideration while designing our training programs.”

Commenting on the business of promoting tennis, Lam notes that innovation is crucial where it comes to staying on top of the market. “You have to have a passion for the sport and the tenacity to deal with the changes in the market.”

Best-in-Class Service

We provide an excellent teacher to student ratio 1:4 (that is beyond the market standard) to ensure that student can reap the numerous benefits of group learning while allowing them to receive the individual attention they need to succeed in the sport. We have a team of conscientious and internationally recognised coaches, that have a wealth of coaching experiences both locally and internationally,” explains Lam.

“As the core of the program, we would want our students to develop the sportsmanship and the right attitude to enjoy the sport as well as to excel at the sport. We want to keep a balance between the focus on competition and tennis being a leisure activity.”

Lam adds: “We ensure that learning through our programs is enjoyable and practical. We would like the students to have plenty opportunities to practice their skills for them to participate in competitions or simply to love the sport.”

Serving a Growing Market

“We are the first Tennis training company in Hong Kong to introduce the U.S. QuickStart Tennis, which is now known as the 10 and Under Tennis. We ensure that the program uses the right kind of equipment and we need to respond to the changes in the age range for the 3 levels: red, orange, and green over the years in developing our program. We also need to respond to the changes of the mini tennis competitions locally and overseas. We have to ensure that our team of coaches has a wealth of coaching experiences locally and internationally in order to adapt to the changes in the industry,” Lam explains.

“There are recent changes in the teaching methodology to students in groups, and we need to keep a balance of student-centered teaching and coach directed learning and ensure that the needs of the students and parents are addressed.

“Given that tennis is an outdoor sport, we need to ensure that students can have their makeup lessons arranged so as not to jeopardise their learning progress.

Given that the schedules of Hong Kong children and adults alike are busy, we need to be flexible but at the same time systematic in coming up with the selections of class time for students to choose.”

“Our aim is to encourage more youngsters to take up the sport since tennis is a holistic exercise that strengthens the body and sharpens the mind as well. If we are to have a stronger next generation we need to infuse our curriculum with sport and tennis is definitely a sport that can be enjoyed by all. We trust more people will grow to learn this sport. We are a one-stop-shop resource for anyone who wants to learn tennis in Hong Kong. All you have to do is visit our website and learn of the possibilities,” Lam concludes.

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