Hong Kong’s talent scouts are more interested in executive movement than marrying the right candidates with the right employers. POLLY CHAN and JUSTIN CHENG filled this niche with GTP TALENT SEARCH. Here’s why and how.

Co-founders of GTP Talent Search, Polly Chan and Justin Cheng, worked for a leading Proprietary/ Quant Trading firm in the FinTech Industry where they were responsible for sourcing, selecting and hiring “Star Talents” from the global candidate pool for many years. While sourcing these extraordinary performers, they noticed that only a few got jobs but many were not chosen because of factors like; their personality, the hiring organization’s culture or other career motivation requirements. 

Spotting the potential the two decided to found GTP to help “Star Talents” to find their “Best-fit-jobs” based on a holistic and consultative study of their natural personality, career motivations and cultural fits besides just their technical fit.

Quality of Service

Today GTP specializes in the FinTech and Technology industry for global clients including clients based in Hong Kong and Mainland China for Greater China who consistently face a shortage of “Star Talents” especially in the Trading, Quant, Software Development and IT sectors.

“We capture the talent shortage opportunity from our clients and connect and refer candidates outside of the Greater China region as well as in US and European markets to fill the shortage of “Star Talent” that those clients are looking for in Hong Kong and China,” says Polly Chan.

“Our Talent Search Consultants have strong in-house and industry experience which enable us to offer first-hand and deep understanding of the technical requirements, organization development challenges and corporate culture of our clients. With our industry experience, we are able to assess our candidate’s technical, personality and cultural fits much better than some recruitment consultants who are without in-house or industry knowledge.” Chan explains.

Best Fit Talent!

“On the candidate management side, our team also brings to the table, good international exposure on top of our strong in-house and industry knowledge, and a patient attitude to listen to their inner career aspirations, organization culture preferences aligning to their family or individual situations,” says Co-founder Justin Cheng.

“Our unique “best-fit-candidate” matching model has proven to be effective. In two years’ time we are already hiring for our global clients in 16 major global cities world-wide.”

To our clients, our first conversation always starts by having a HR Consulting/ Organization Development Assessment conversation to enable all concerned to obtain a clear and common understanding on the clients’ real manpower needs. Our best value proposition to our client is ‘saving clients’ time and making them successful by referring only the ‘best-fit-candidates’ to them. We adopt a consultative approach in speaking with both our clients and candidates which enable us to build solid and deep relations with them.”

Customer Satisfaction

Almost all of GTPs clients are international FinTech/Technology companies requiring candidates with strong latest technical skills, a continued learning attitude, assertiveness, strong willingness to learn, strong English proficiency and cultural awareness.

“Talent with these attributes are difficult to find locally so we have to focus on finding them globally,” Cheng says. “We stop at nothing to get the right talent for our clients and hence we are highly referred by top hirers in the FinTech space and also by one of the hottest Hong Kong FinTech Startups like Valoot Technologies Ltd whose CEO Ovi Olea highly refers GTP’s attentive, timely and accurate service. Through GTP, Valoot achieved tremendous business progress in less than a year’s time after their inception by finding their “best-fit-candidates” for their COO & CTO openings. Our candidates found themselves very motivated and be able to make significant contributions with their new jobs within a short period of time.

Polly Chan concludes by saying, “our success comes from trust, active listening, seeking to understand, willingness to share, honesty and our effective ‘best-fit-candidate’ matching model. We remain honest and upfront with our clients and our global talent pool and they know that we have a genuine interest in their success. We feel absolutely motivated if our clients can find their ‘best-fit-candidates’ through GTP.”

For additional information, please visit www.gtpts.com

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