Tenacious Hong Kongers braved the thunderstorm and putting aside feelings of current strife, rose to share new technologies, inspirational views and discuss trends at the world’s favourite international showcase of corporate success – the Mediazone Group’s 2019 SMART CITY Forum and Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong last night.

The event came to a close at 9 pm sharp after the Group’s CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Glenn Rogers delivered his closing remarks.

In full view of a watching world (via social media) industry leaders unveiled stunning presentations of award-winning technologies including Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things (IOT), Biometrics and much more.

For the first time this year, the Smart City Forum hosted a live Tech-Talk: Beyond 2020 Show with Glenn Rogers  – to engage technology pioneers with questions on the merits and setbacks of emerging technology. Convenience and Progress versus Privacy Protection became the lead topics of the evening.

As many as 40 different industries participated as audiences from 16 countries over Oceana, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and the Middle-East tuned in to watch Asia’s most dynamic city put setbacks aside and carry on with Hong Kong’s favourite pass-time – Building On and With, Progress!

After dinner, the ambience of the ballroom took on a more jovial hue thanks to the special tailor-made dinner menu, fine wines and drinks served elegantly by the staff of Hong Kong’s iconic Gold Coast Hotel. The audience burst into cheers at Mr Roger’s closing remarks encouraging the people of Hong Kong to continue to set the world aglow with their globally famous ‘will-do’ attitude, love of progress and determination to forge ahead, against all odds.


Commenting on the Forum Mr Rogers said: “Hong Kong has come to hold a responsible place in global business, not only as a gateway to China but also as a reputation-worthy, crucial link between East and West. The city is a great credit to Asia and a portal for international incoming business, talent and capital.”

Glenn Rogers, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Mediazone Group.

“Hong Kong’s greatest asset is its international pool of human capital. Nurtured, this dynamic city, which is already the pride of the Chinese world, must become a benchmark of trade and commerce for the world to rely on.”

“Our greatest challenge is to cultivate a sense of integrity, an admirable work ethic and respect for endeavour, in our future generations. We can achieve this only by sharing and living as global citizens sharing the same home,” Mr Rogers said.

The Mediazone Group wishes to thank all its guests and Award winners for making the Smart City Forum a grand success.

New Technology Unveiled: At Asia’s biggest showcase of innovation. View Now! For Future-shaping, business ideas!

Mediazone CEO Glenn Rogers Opens Smart City Forum June 13, 2019 with “Call to Meditate and Discover Inner Technology.”