Location and luxury are just two of the many reasons business and leisure guests re-book The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. General Manager JILL GOH reveals a few of the hotel’s success secrets.

Jill Goh, General Manager, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Fans of the Mandarin Oriental Group know that the quality and finesse of our service goes beyond what you see in pictures,” says the hotel’s Jill Goh, General Manager, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

“Flexibility, creativity, originality and a ‘can-do’ attitude have made us stand out in an expanding sea of Asian hospitality. This quality of service runs through all facets of the operation from reception to housekeeping, from events and fine dining, to the spa. Our people are handpicked for their service aptitude, eagerness to excel and ability to achieve world-class standards in terms of quality of service and delivery of a truly outstanding product,” Goh says proudly.    

Right Time, Perfect Place

A booming economy and rising numbers of affluent business and leisure travellers from China have seen a spike in the number of luxury hotels in Hong Kong over recent years. More hotel chains are planning to open doors in the territory. Does this mean The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong has to ‘up the ante’?

“Regardless, our whole service and product philosophy remains rooted in continuous improvisation,” Goh says. “Competition is healthy. It is even necessary. To appreciate why this makes no difference to us, you have to live the Mandarin Oriental quality. To understand why we are in a niche of our own, it takes joining us in our exploratory journey past perfection.”

Goh explains: “Our quality is a living philosophy that you touch and taste. It is a special blend of our deeply rooted spirit of hospitality, the world-class training of our hand-picked people, the best ingredients sourced from various parts of the world, our strict attention to detail and our heart-felt friendliness.”   

The 111-key hotel is indeed a spotless icon boasting a best-in-class spa, amazing food and beverage outlets, including Amber — a bold Richard Ekkebus innovation that sets the trend for creative Michelin-star-style cuisine.

Reception is swift, professional, housekeeping and room-service flawless and of course, the hotel’s mini bars remain the best-stocked in the territory – variety and freshness, impress.

“We always aim to please with distinction and that’s what makes us live on as a brand you can trust for the unrivalled quality of service we provide,” Jill Goh

Entertainment Suite.

Luxury & Value

According to Goh, successive generations may be well-heeled but they are also Internet-powered consumers increasingly aware of value and appreciate their best brands being sustainable.

“We have very well-regarded energy-saving and waste-management initiatives and encourage our guests to participate in our sustainability efforts.

“Our brand of management is knowledge-
based and inspiration-rich,” – Jill Goh.

Guests today are more well-travelled and have greater expectations in terms of quality of service, freshness and creativity of food and beverage and your offerings have to exceed these tall guests expectations. On top of that your overall product has to be consistent.”

How do you achieve this in a depleting talent resource like Hong Kong, I wonder. The industry is increasing capacity in the face of thinning streaks of human resources and automation is not (yet) up to the job. Poaching is rife and Groups like the Mandarin Oriental would be impacted, one would think.

“We are not just a luxury brand. The Mandarin Oriental is an institution to which people are serious about learning the craft of hospitality, are drawn. These fine individuals quickly learn that perfection is not a destination but a journey. To flourish and bloom, they need to grow with like-minded professionals with whom they get to share, to learn, to work with and constantly build something beautiful.”

Goh adds: “The Mandarin Oriental gives them that. The brand attracts high profile guests and offers our people the opportunity to strive to exceed these increasingly high expectations. On the other hand, our brand of management is knowledge-based and inspiration-rich. So our people get best of both worlds – world-class coaching from people who inspire and believe in them, and the opportunity to benchmark their service as they serve the planets most discerning guests.”

The Oriental Spa.

Making an Impact

“Hospitality is a bit of both – silver service offered by a beating heart. Guests appreciate our friendliness. We serve with humble pride and a belief in our professional integrity. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong has been privileged to cater to some very discerning local and overseas guests who have wanted very tailor-made services be it for their product launches, confidential conferences/meetings or to entertain in the plush comfort of our hotel. We’ve always found a way to make their dreams come true. We are not set in our ways. Flexibility is a key factor in determining guests’ choices and we will never be found wanting there. We always aim to please with distinction and that’s what makes us live on as a brand you can trust for the unrivalled quality of service we provide,” Goh concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.mandarinoriental.com/landmark

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