PEOPLE, (even corporate management), share a common blind-spot, a mis-conception about “Coaching,” says Dr. Stephen Ho, Founder of Innowise Consulting Ltd – a company with more than a decade of serving leading public and private sector clients.

“They may think a corporate coach offers solutions right away or teaches them knowledge and skills that are required, and carries them through the darkest valley of their business. That is not ‘Coaching’,” he insists.

The Subtle Difference

“The process of coaching is not feeding you with new strategies, new techniques or new trends. That is what ‘training’ should do – providing tailor-made courses, structured syllabi, flexible classes, etc., and letting you master and new skills and techniques. From ‘not knowing’ to ‘knowing something,’ that is my description for training,” Dr. Ho says.

“Coaching is related to goal achievement and is about taking action towards your goals.  From not doing to doing something, I would say it this way,” Dr. Ho explains.

“For a world-class corporate coaching, our duty is to enhance the awareness of our clients. Many corporate management or business owners do not have a clear picture about themselves. They are not aware of what opportunities/threats they are facing, not aware of the actual resources they have and not even aware of the direction in which they are heading.”

“My task is not to provide you with fish, but to teach you how to fish for yourself. Making you self-sufficient is my duty.” – Dr. Stephen Ho, Founder

The Solutions Approach

“Our task at the first place, is to dig out the emotional ‘why’ of the goals they set, to uncover the meaning behind the goals. We try to discover just how significant to you or your company it is to achieve those goals? After clarifying the true values of the goals, we would review the resources they have and create an achievable action plan. We would ask a lot of clarifying questions, which is when our clients often realize they have more utilizable resource than they can imagine.”

“Remember, a good coach does not ‘carry you through’ your difficulties. We help you figure out which way or method is the most suitable solution to overcome your obstacles instead. We walk with you, not for you.”

“Success is a two-way street and it takes two hands to clap. We owe all our success to our clients without whom we would not exist today. We grow on their success and that is our only claim to fame.” – Stephen Ho

Exceeding Expectations

“As more people hear about the results of coaching, there is an increasing demand for corporate coaches,” Dr. Ho says. “I always tell my clients I would not come for teaching you “How” and “How to”. That is not my job.  I am there to kickstart your pathway towards your goals, guide you through the battlefield, and boost your performance through every single milestone that you can achieve. My market comprises Hong Kong Chinese executives, and of course, I also have clients that are mainland executives.  As a bridge connecting China to the world, Hong Kong still has its own advantages and competitiveness and my task is to boost the abilities of our workforce. We have maintained this focus since day one and we know that we are only as good as the service we offer.”

“Recently, I had a project with one of the leading insurance company in Hong Kong, which aimed at boosting the quality of recruitment of their salesforce.  We incorporated our unique personal behavioral analysis profile, and the “INNOWISE Learning Mat” – a new concept to knowledge and skills transfer technique – that helped our client storm the insurance market with a record breaking achievement – 300 new cases within 4 months,” Dr. Ho says proudly.

“Yes, times are changing and this is why when our clients see the value we bring to the table they tend to retain our services to help them meet on-going challenges.” Ho ends with saying, the credit for our performance is the willingness of our customers to trust us. Success is a two-way street and it takes two hands to clap. We owe all our success to our clients without whom we would not exist today. We grow on their success and that is our only claim to fame.”


“Training of the New Era”: Dr. Stephen Ho, CEO of Innowise Consulting Ltd. (天之傑顧問有限公司) speaks at Mediazone’s Disruptive Innovation Forum and HKMVC Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards Ceremony 2019.