Using space to create more usable and multi-functional areas in innovative ways that are as unique to our customers and their needs, goes beyond talent and in the realm of intuition, says YIP SAI KIT, DICKY.

Yip Sai Kit, Dicky, Director of OPS Interior Design Consultant.

Quality of service and design talent rank high on the list of any design customer and Dicky, Yip Sai Kit, Director of OPS Interior Design Consultant Ltd knows this from experience gained in Asia’s most competitive markets.

Given certain limitations in the interior design industry, we are committed to provide high quality consultancy service to our customers in two ways, he says.

“One way is, Space Planning: We analyze how the space to be used and create more usable and multi-functional areas in innovative ways which are as unique to our customers and their needs.”

“The second is, Cost Efficiency Control: We develop an information model to support cost-efficient-based decision making in the interior design phase. Through implementing cost efficiency control and infiltrating feasibility study into the design phase balancing with quality, we target to maximize our customers’ benefits. We leverage technology to provide efficient and effective solutions to them.”    

Unique as You Are!  

“On top of pure interior design service, OPS also creates brand building value to our customers by understanding their renovation objectives, integrating their brands into interior aspect of their business and shining their images,” he explains, outlining the core functions of OPS. “OPS would not limit our designers to only work on particular themes or concepts of design. We believe a recognizable image is one of the most valuable assets that our customers should own, so we tailor-make our designs to fit our customers as unique as they are.”


Brand building – BitWork

“Through interior design, we aimed to strengthen client’s brand image as it’s a start-up blockchain community-based company.

Our inspiration was the crossover between the mission of the client’s company and idea of ‘all within four seas are brothers’ by applying the natural color tones with white sky, blue ocean and topography ground, a language applied throughout the space to denote and invigorate fraternal working spaces,” Dicky explains.

Design consultancy – HKEX

“HKEX is one of the world’s largest financial market operators. With the objective of bringing an agile working environment which encourages movement and cultivates collaboration, OPS has turned HKEX’s traditional office into a contemporary co-working space. Various operations were consolidated into one single office with more collaborative spaces and a multi-function area. The effective space utilization in the renovated office has not only fostered workplace communication and productivity, but also significantly improved energy efficiency.”

Project Management – LVMH group

“OPS has built a good design partnership with LVMH group. Our long-term cooperation relation is based on good project management we provided. We complete projects on time and control cost efficiently.

With the strategy focus in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it brings in a new era of development and enhance business opportunities in this new global economic zone. OPS is ready to seize the opportunities and work with the growing China.”

“Our core design philosophy of OPS is ‘Good Design is Good Business, – a quote by Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Through good design, making a strong first impression of our customers image to the space end-users, helping their business stand out, promoting our customers’ brands consistency and building customer relationships, it increases our customers’ companies’ value.”

“Integration of both internal and external growth strategies, we aim to expand market share in Hong Kong. Externally, OPS promote our company in various mass media channels and strive for more exposure. Internally, OPS drive, retain and nurture talent by providing a career rather than a job. We foster an environment with growth and make sure our distinguished designers offering best-in-class solutions and services to our customers.

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