Listing LED boards, signages, information panels, interactive kiosks and more, HEALTHY TAM’s company illuminates the commerce hub of Hong Kong.

It was Healthy Tam’s interest in visual sensation technology that led to the formation of Artcom in 1985. The company pioneered the use of LED technology to stream real-time financial data, creating best-of-class information display systems for banking institutions. In 1988, it expanded its footprint to nearly all outlets in the territory, establishing a strong customer base in the industry still held to this day.

“We have served the banking and financial industry for decades,” says Tam. “This sector is foremost about new initiatives and high standards for enhancing customer experience. Following rate board display systems, we introduced a number of innovative solutions, such as color dot matrix and queue display systems, through further application of LED technology.

“To furnish quality products and systems, we used LED modules and major components made by leading electronic manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan, and worked with Japanese partners to develop these systems. Our first queue display system launched at a major bank’s Hung Hom branch in 1991, and the first tri-color dot matrix display system at Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station in 1992. As these solutions have grown more popular in other sectors, especially government services, we have become a key player in the market.”

Holding the Fort

Lower costs and increased demand followed both the advancement of LED technology and the global shift of its major manufacturing base to the PRC since 2005. This has attracted many others to the playing field, intensifying competition. Staying ahead demands offering not only premium products at competitive rates, but also excellent after-sales services.

“We are not solely a trading firm, manufacturer, software house or engineering company. In providing one-stop solutions for our integrated display systems, our capacities span customized software and hardware, mechanical and graphic design, on-site installation, after-sales maintenance support and future enhancement. Our integrated display solutions allow clients to manage multiple display media with ease-of-use operation, covering LED dot matrix signboards and LCD panels with touch feature,” says Tam.

“In offering one-stop solutions and covering whole system cycles, we are able to build long-term relationships with our clients. We have covered two generations of LED dot matrix display systems at Trading Hall of HKEx. Many companies in particular industries have been our clients for more than 25 years. Through a good understanding of their organizational backgrounds and needs, we work as a partner, taking care of different issues and easing efforts throughout system implementation and after-sales services. We also have dedicated resources for on-site maintenance support to avoid serious disruption in clients’ daily operations.”

Name in Lights

In recent years, Artcom has put much effort in expanding its coverage to other industries. Along with further strengthening its portfolio, the company continues to enhance its products and systems’ features to accommodate technological changes and fulfill evolving customer needs.

“As an SME, my team and I have overcome countless obstacles in the last 30 years. Working with customized solutions in a challenging, fast-moving business environment requires us to be flexible enough to solve diverse technical issues for clients in consideration of unique conditions regarding site environments and system infrastructures. In this regard, our experienced technical teams are our key assets. Without their persistence, endurance and pragmatism, we would be unable to move forward and overcome challenges,” says Tam.

“Flexibility in adjusting business strategies, along with attracting and retaining a capable workforce, will be given emphasis for our company’s future development. Through focus and dedicated efforts, our core values, we have established long-term and trusted relationships with clients, contractors and suppliers, sustaining our footprint and goodwill within the territory.”

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