Wedding jewellery must be unquestionably beautiful, timeless, and significant, designed and fashioned to signifies no less than the love between spouses, as described by JIMMY LEUNG.

The multifaceted wedding and engagement industry in Hong Kong grows more lucrative each year. In 2013 alone, more than 55,000 marriages were registered in the city – about 150 couples married per day, on average. For the jewellery sector, while recent China anti-corruption laws and activist movements have cost shops considerable revenue, the bells of matrimony continue to provide a substantial amount of business.

Finding most jewellery design in Hong Kong too old-fashioned and conventional, particularly in the bridal category, Jimmy Leung sought to elevate its quality, giving birth to JJ Passion & Co. personalized premium jewellery products. 

A Precious Gift

“Wedding bands are a necessity for couples, but there have been too little to choose from, in a selection of many poor quality products in the market,” says Leung. Meeting a Japanese manufacturer with aligning values, the company began introducing Japanese wedding bands, famed for excellent design and craftwork.

“We believe that a pair of wedding bands serves as a blessing for couples instead of mere a symbol. The sensibilities of Japanese design and production help us match customer preferences and create charming, fashionable and unique items for Hong Kong’s couples.”

Apart from the finest jewelry artisanship across all products, JJ Passion & Co. offers an array of premium natural gemstones in its series of engagement rings. “We believe that every natural gemstone is unique, showing different characteristics and beauty. In order to display the most sophisticated beauty of a gemstone, our artisans utilize exquisite craftsmanship with the assistance of modern technology. Together with our excellent service and competitive pricing strategy, our customers have come to trust in our brand.”


Fidelity to the Customer

“The Hong Kong market is always competitive,” says Leung. “Many other companies show more concern for profit and overlook the needs of couples. Quality is very important, as wedding bands are meant to bless marriages for a lifetime. In this industry, we provide a highly-personalized service.”

JJ Passion & Co. allows customers to freely select ring design, the band’s material, all kinds of surface treatment, as well as the accompanying gemstones. “We do not just sell jewellery; we offer private consultation with utmost professionalism and attentiveness, to help couples in choosing the perfect match wedding bands that will truly become ‘an indication of love and happiness’.”

The company will be expanding into the Mainland China market by the end of 2015 with a view to set up shop in three different cities. It looks to open more locations to further facilitate customers in experiencing its passion for premium jewellery. Jimmy Leung says that as a company, JJ Passions & Co. was given a chance to let the discerning market experience its work. This one chance has since bloomed into an enterprise of true merit.

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