JOHN FEI shares how the Hong Kong firm gained and retained hold of coveted market favor for more than 20 years.

Established in 1988, Kim Eng Securities Hong Kong has grown to become a leading global securities and investment broker. Kim Eng Futures was introduced shortly, in 1992. The company provided equities research to institutional clients as early as 1990s, and developed its retail business franchise in 2010.

In a strategic move to accelerate the growth of its investment banking and equities platform in the region, Maybank, through its wholly owned subsidiary Maybank IB Holdings Sdn Bhd, acquired Kim Eng Holdings Limited in 2011, shares John Fei, CEO for Hong Kong. The combined entity, Maybank Kim Eng, is recognized today as one of the leading financial institutions in the ASEAN region, providing services in corporate finance, debt markets, equity capital markets, derivatives, retail and institutional securities broking and research.

Famed Competencies

“The launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Exchange stock connect in November 2014 and the increase in retail participation in Mainland China has spurred the growth of the Hong Kong and China markets,” says Fei. “Investors on both sides can gain access to each other’s markets, and Kim Eng was among the first batch of brokers to allow its customers to gain access to the China market at the launch of stock connect.”

Kim Eng is part of Maybank Kim Eng, which spans 11 countries, with over 80 branches around the world. One of the leading financial institutions in the ASEAN region, industry professionals recognize it through the numerous awards won annually in various markets. It boasts an award-winning research team that focuses on small and mid-cap companies. Constant innovation grants its clients access to state of the art monitoring and trading tools.

“In both our retail and institutional businesses, continued investment in technology and talent underlines Kim Eng’s commitment to deliver the best value to the entire breadth of our client base.”

Kim Eng clients enjoy numerous benefits, including professional research, investment seminars and workshops, flexible and personalized trading platforms, and stock trading services in major markets around the world, as well as experienced trading representatives tasked with facilitating all manner of trading activities.

“Our proven track record and strength in booming Asian markets is testament to our capacity to assist clients in making informed investment decisions.”

North to South

Onshore regulation and business practices are key issues affecting many entities in Hong Kong’s financial sector. Fei shares that the group will be seeking legal counsel, and is en route to collaborating with onshore partners to better appreciate the situation and the opportunities it presents. Nonetheless, there remain areas of interest elsewhere. “With the increasing growth and importance of the China market, greater effort and resources will be channeled to tap its vast potential. We intend to expand the sales team to tap the high net-worth and mass affluent corporate and retail investors, and increase our activities and engagements in the primary market.”

Kim Eng’s uncompromising focus on the needs of its client base has driven it forward through the decades, as an exemplary provider of financial products and services. John Fei shares that constantly investing in human capital has been key to these offerings, and ultimately, the company’s success. He maintains however, that especially in the city, there remain heights to reach.

“My intention is to steer Kim Eng to be in the top 20 brokers in Hong Kong, leveraging our strengths and connecting both northbound and southbound investors. It is truly the Asian broking gateway!”

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