EC Healthcare’s story began in 2005 with a humble mission to bring health, beauty and happiness to everyone. Today, the company is connected to thousands of customers through its network of more than 80 clinics and service centers operating in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Since inception the group has been steadfast in its mission and vision to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Just as Hannibal led the elephants across the Alps from Spain, EC Healthcare also faced countless challenges and thrived over them.

“If you do not like the roads you have been walking, start paving another one,” says Eddy Tang, Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of EC Healthcare. As a preferred medical service provider for many years, the group has served more than 2.5 million customers, employed over 2300 talents and 139 registered practitioners. The group remains dedicated to making history by constantly innovating, improving quality of healthcare, and serving patients from the heart.

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