Keeping ahead of the trends in mass communications, MEMO PLUS PRODUCTION is helping visionary companies stay competitive says BABIE LI, the companies PR Director.

“Prior to founding MEMO Plus Production, we were working on MEMO Workshop, the art and cultural, photographic-themed magazine which was established as a platform for creativity and culture to link up artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers and all other cultural practitioners across Hong Kong and Asia,” says Babie Li, the company’s PR Director.

“During the development of MEMO Workshop, we found that most people have questions about brand building and they found marketing in Hong Kong was difficult. In view of this opportunity, we set up MEMO Plus Production to provide professional PR, brand building, production and one-stop marketing services with strong knowledge and experiences from the three founders in media, public relations and advertising fields for brands who are struggling to expand their markets and deliver messages to the public.”

Strong Value

“The three partners of MEMO Plus Production come from different but related industries, i.e. media, public relations and advertising.

With years of solid experience and knowledge of the sectors in related fields, we provide most comprehensive PR and marketing services to create the largest market value,” says Li.

“Thanks to MEMO Workshop, we have a strong network over Hong Kong, China and Taiwan with different professionals, including artists, photographers, directors, associations and business organizations which we can coordinate and gather experts from different sectors to establish the most powerful and effective campaigns. Together with our experience, creativity and strong network, our clients can rely on us as a strategic partner to develop brand awareness in the market,” Li says.

Serving the Market

“The ‘Plus’ in our brand name stands for the link between MEMO and client (MEMO Plus “Client”). Every project is tailored to the individual client needs. In every campaign, we highly consider the individual brand perceptions and personality as an essential element. With the integration of the client’s message and market needs, our service is delivered with incisiveness and the creativity of the best journalistic practices. The PR value we deliver to our clients is derived from the experience, skills, energy and motivation of our team. MEMO values trust between every client and we aim to provide consistent reliable quality services.”

Solutions Matter

“To provide a more reliable and established PR quality service, use different technical support, such as big data for more precise marketing strategies that correspond to the needs of markets,” explains Li.

“Media relations and online marketing are another essential element in raising brand awareness which we will continue expansion of our media platform including magazine and social online media to deliver brand messages.”

She says: “The challenges of Chinese brands in Hong Kong provide opportunities at the same time, which our team will continue tremendous effort to produce more effective marketing and PR strategies to build up its fame in Hong Kong.

We provide effective solutions to meet all needs of our clients. Therefore full trust can be built between MEMO Plus every client,” concludes Li.

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