Finally, a clinic to provide high quality aesthetic safe and using effective treatment to address concerns of both common and unique problem is here says ALEX WAI of VITALAGE.

“Before forming the firm, we noticed there are growing demand for aesthetics treatments while consumer safety continues to be a hot topic. We began to envision a clinic to provide high quality aesthetic treatment that is both safe and using effective treatment to address concerns of both common and unique problem,” says Alex Wai, Managing Director of Vitalage. 

Strong and Dazzling

Vitalage was established in 2015 by Dr. Vivian Cheng. It provides clinically-proven medical aesthetics treatments that are personalized and delivered with genuine love and care,” says Wai.

The name Vitalage denotes “the most dazzling time of our lives”. Designed by the renowned brand logo designer, Steven Wai, the logo is made up of the letters “V” and “A”. It is a stylized representation of a diamond, signifying an eternally dazzling sparkle. The creative inspiration of this logo came from the precious stone – diamond – the symbol of eternity. The Vitalage brand logo is an extension of company’s mission to support every client in her pursuit of a life as strong and dazzling as a diamond.”

Building on Beauty

To achieve optimal results while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards, Vitalage treatment programs are designed and fine-tune based on the client’s individual lifestyle and needs.

As a photographic memoire of the client’s beauty evolution, “before & after” photos will be taken for record, which, along with all other patient information, are kept private and strictly confidential, Wai says.

“Hong Kong consumers are sometimes rather conservative in accepting certain health related treatments in comparing to mainland China, Taiwan or Korea. They may feel embarrassed to openly talk about the problem or have no knowledge such treatment even existed. We realized the most effective way is to educate our patient through hosting seminar events, publication of articles and other online media channel for viewers to privately learn about the treatment.

Vitalage is still a young firm and we believe we should continue to strengthen our service quality to our patients while expanding at a gradual pace without compromising on safety, effectiveness and attention we bring to our patients.”

“In addition to upholding the uncompromising principles of medical professionals, Vitalage ambitious goals to make a positive difference to the medical aesthetics field are evident in the company’s vision, mission, and core values: VISION: Be the patients’ best-loved professional medical aesthetic clinic in Hong Kong. MISSION: Provide clinically-proven medical aesthetic solutions that are customized to each client’s individual needs

VALUES: 1) We build our company on a foundation of true love and care for our clients and employees. 2) We go the extra mile to think in the customer’s best interest to deliver unparalleled customer value and 3) We deliver on our commitments,” concludes Wai.

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