Best-in-class, bespoke logistic solutions are the mainstay of LOGISTICS WORLDWIDE EXPRESS, a Group of Companies built on the will to deliver imaginative, customer-centric logistic solutions against all odds, say NG CHET CHIANG, its CEO.

Logistics Worldwide Express (LWE) was set up in Hong Kong in 2010. At the start, the company focussed on China and Hong Kong markets, specializing in cross-border e-commerce logistics services. At about the same time, its Malaysian office was set up in Kuala Lumpur as the Administrative Head Office.

An operation warehouse was set up in China in 2014 and was officially registered as a fully foreign owned subsidiary of its Hong Kong Company in 2015.

Under the able guidance of its industry stalwart CEO, Ng Chet Chiang, LWE established the infrastructure for cross-border logistics services – especially in the Southeast Asia region. Working in partnership with competent local express and postal network, LWE has developed a wide geographical reach capable of handling e-commerce traffic economically and reliably. The company is thus poised to assist e-commerce businesses grow in terms of both volume and geographical reach. 

Challenging Times

A well thought out growth plan becomes clear when we speak with its CEO, Ng Chet Chiang.

“The emergence of an upper-middle-class with increasing household income; the Y-Generation who are more sophisticated and freer-spending; and the increasingly more powerful and affordable mobile computing have all help to push the growth in e-commerce,” explains Chet Chiang.

“This trend effects the whole greater China and Southeast Asia. The wide range of affordable Chinese products available on e-commerce marketplaces are drawing the attention of consumers everywhere.”

He adds: “While consumers within the country are accessible to these products because logistics services within the country are easier to deal with, consumers from Southeast Asia region have to bear with discouraging shipping cost. This is because cross-border logistics services are challenging and expensive.

“Having more than 30 years’ experience in logistics service albeit much of it in predominantly B2B domestic traffic, we want consumers in Southeast Asia to have affordable access to these Chinese products. This lead us to set up LWE,” says Chet Chiang.

View to a Skill

The company’s familiarity with the Southeast Asia region’s cultures and the bonds it has built with the logistics community in general means that it can provide economical and reliable services to a great many areas.

Among the services rendered by LWE are;

  • Collecting cargo from shippers in countries where LWE have presence;
  • Handling freight forwarding and shipping of cargo between Distribution Centers;
  • Managing third-party warehouse for different cross-border arrangements such as B2B2C;
  • Channel management and customer services for e-commerce merchants;
  • Advisory services for import & export procedures for different places;
  • Executing global parcel distribution through different express, postal networks; &
  • Coverage to Europe, Africa and America with access to more than 200 countries.

People Power

“Our strong believe in human capital has led us to build our competent IT team in research and development. Our management and staff readily adopt technologies to provide solutions to bridge the needs of all parties. With IT solutions developed by our sister-company, UNIXUS SOLUTIONS, our systems allow shippers to print shipping labels while an integrated system provides comprehensive applications to manage the complete logistics processes. Seamless API integration ensures that data are shared promptly and information up-to-date,” Chet Chiang says.

The movement of the shipment right from the doorstep of the shipper to the consignee can be tracked on the company’s website. Information from all partners are collated and presented to the customer at a single point of inquiry on LWE’s website making it very easy for customer to track.

Ng Chet Chiang (CEO) & Ng Shern Yau (COO).

Against All Odds

Chet Chiang notes that although the cost of doing business in Hong Kong is high and the scarcity of multi-lingual logistics staff – especially those in South East Asian languages – are serious considerations, Hong Kong has many other attractive advantages.

“Hong Kong has been the place where the West and East meet. With its strategic location of being close to Shenzhen and as well as an international air travel hub, Hong Kong is ideal as a transhipment point for ecommerce traffic outbound from Shenzhen and other cities in China. In addition to being a ‘free port’, the Hong Kong Customs has implemented various electronic systems facilitating both import & export business. Meanwhile we ensure that our HQ provides technical assistance to develop and retain the human asset of our HKG office.”

“The market calls for high adaptability, swift results and competitive quality of service. We serve an unforgiving market. There is no room for error and delivering on promises is not an option.”

Growing to Serve

A joint venture company was set up in Taiwan in early 2016. “As part of our network we have our representative offices in Singapore and Korea. Although currently we have very strong service partners in Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, we plan to set up our own companies in these countries within the next two years. This will reinforce our commitment to further improve cross-border logistics services within ASEAN not only to facilitate inbound shipments into these countries but also their outbound shipments into other countries within the Asia Pacific region.”

In Indonesia LWE is collaborating with an IT company, which has already won recognition from an Indonesian Ministry to develop mobile applications that will allow more consumers to access ecommerce products.”

We are also working with competent domestic express network to have greater reach to consumers throughout the country.

Also in the pipeline is the mobile payment solutions which we hope to roll out one by one in the ASEAN countries to cater for those consumers who would like to have COD (Cash on Delivery) services for their ecommerce purchases.”

Being the Difference

Chet Chiang says, e-commerce is a very vibrant industry with a lot of new ideas coming onboard very quickly. “We remain vigilant and alert in ecommerce market development. We are receptive to all unorthodox and eccentric ideas in our search for the best solution for customers.”

He notes: “We are persistent in pursuit of latest technologies and knowledge to enhance the quality of services and price competitiveness of other services providers in this region. We continuously invest in human capital with knowledge in ecommerce industries.”

“We are also actively participating in social networking with local and overseas partners in other countries to expand our network so as to provide a basket of services to the same customers. We keep pace with social media marketing strategies to reach out to as many ecommerce players as possible and collaborate strongly with other players in the logistics industry – sea cargo, air cargo, last-mile services providers and forwarding agents – in various countries and generate a greater geographical reach.”

Speaking on winning the prestigious HKMVC Award, Chet Chiang says: “It is a fitting reminder that we are only as good as the service we render to our next customer. Awards bring recognition and market applause but sustaining this market acceptance can only be achieved by dedication to our craft. The market calls for high adaptability, swift results and competitive quality of service. We serve an unforgiving market. There is no room for error and delivering on promises is not an option. We have to exceed rising customer expectations and build on referral business. We have not only to make a difference but we have to be the difference,” concludes Chet Chiang.

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