Meeting the market’s demand for a one-stop-shop, transparent and efficient service, global logistics expert TIGERS LIMITED has bigger plans. According to ANDREW JILLINGS its CEO, the brand is putting the sector’s latest technology to work, giving its customers more than they imagined.

Tigers Limited is a global supply chain and enterprise solutions company based in Hong Kong, China, that provides a full enterprise solution across the supply chain. The company’s services include international air, ocean and rail forwarding, omni-channel fulfilment offering both B2B and B2C final mile distribution, management of e-commerce returns and the trading of customers’ products on Tigers’ eShops.

The brand’s focus from the start was on technology and creating state-of-the-art cloud-based operating systems across services offered. Tigers created SmartHub:Connect which is the centre of their tech stack and facilitates a ‘plug and play’ environment for companies operating in the e-commerce space.

Tigers is Microsoft Gold certified in every country it operates in and uses the Microsoft Azure firewalls globally.

Global Expansion   

Tigers was founded in 2011 by Andrew Jillings through the merger of WLG Inc., a company which Jillings had acquired with some colleagues in 2010, and Kamino Logistics. Both WLG and Kamino had been founded in 1969, WLG in Taiwan and Kamino in New York.

WLG’s core operations were in China and Australia, while Kamino had operations across the USA and Europe. Prior to the merger, GeoPost, the investment arm of La Poste in France, had acquired shares in WLG. Over the following years Tigers acquired several companies. Initially acquiring Cargo Traders in Australia and United Freight Brokers in Miami, USA. Then a further acquisition was made of Supply Linq, a contract logistics group in Australia followed by the acquisition of the Australian perishable group, Worldlink.

Tigers then entered the African market acquiring Lockhead, White and Wormersley, one of the oldest registered forwarders and customs brokers in South Africa having first been registered in 1888. Tigers then acquired the operations of Signet in the United Kingdom.

As of 2018 Tigers operates 70 offices across China, the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Africa and Australia, and employs 1028 staff.

“Our technology offering is of a world standard and more than that we are a full enterprise solutions company. The niche offering we have is boutique and very unique.” – Andrew Jillings

Quality Matters 

“Tigers has no centralized global sales team and is very much focused on being an operational sale,” says Andrew Jillings, the company’s founder and CEO.

“Consequently part of our global growth comes from client recommendations and referrals. Compounded, our growth over the past 6 years has been a modest 6%, but it is growth that is mostly e-commerce related and with blue chip customers like Rapha Racing, Canada Goose and other similar brands. We find that customers are growing increasingly technology focused which works well for Tigers as our SmartHub is a neutral platform and our operating and warehouse management systems are all cloud based and linked to our eShops which are mini-marketplaces we operate globally to trade customers products. We find that most of our new customers are very technology focused and are looking for a service provider that can handle both B2C and B2B fulfilment, handle their returns business and final mile deliveries while also offering the option of trading their products globally through the Tigers eShop,” stresses Jillings.    

E-Vision: Tech-Smart Solutions 

“Greater China has grown significantly over the past few years and the market continues to change. Tigers has moved progressively into the e-commerce environment offering B2C fulfilment across greater China and the Asia Pacific and offering its China eShop as a trading platform to its global customers to trade their product within the China region. From a technology perspective Tigers is also an easy company to work with thanks to its SmartHub technology platform,” he says.

Across all aspects of our offerings, Tigers is focused on digitalization and streamlining service and product offering, Jillings says.

“Our vision is to participate in each part of the supply chain eco-system including the trading of customers products through our global eShops. Tigers is positioning itself to continue its growth at the specialist end of the e-commerce and technology end of the supply chain market and working with brands that embrace what we offer.”

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