It’s not easy finding the right magic box which gives you the reason to shine.

Girls’ glow and charisma are often and unfortunately hidden under a heavy-loading mask which comes in the form of foundation from hell – it drains away your energy and charm. But here each and every one of the Magic Snow Cushions carries the secret of your second-skin texture: lightweight, perfect complexion, mineral-based, moisturising and whitening. Each cell and every inch of skin are assets for girls, invest in them and you won’t regret it.

Girls are always loyal to the right ones because the feel is real.

When I say it deserves a reserved seat in my purse, I mean a April Skin Magic Snow Cushion.

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion USD$24
April Skin Magic Snow Cushion White USD$24
April Skin Magic Snow Sun Cushion USD$26
April Skin Magic Snow Fixing Foundation USD$27

Rating: 3.5/5

White Asset

Bathing and chilling under the sun as I often enjoy, the Magic Snow Whitening Collection saves me from the going-on-forever responsibility to be Snow White again. Fairy tales might not exist but the magic spell of this collection certainly casts over the hearts of many.

The collection exceeds anyone’s expectation by offering rescuing masks, cream and formulation for not only your face but the no-sticky-residue feeling on your sun-kissed skin.

Great choice for your loves-the-sun-but-wishes-to-be-whiter-than-ever friend.

April Skin Magic Snow Mask USD$25.99
Moisturizing & Snow Whitening Formulation Magic Snow Cream USD$29.99
Premium Magic Snow Cream USD$29

Rating: 3.5/5

Soap which Gets You over the Moon

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming but I have never seen anything quite like this – a soap with a marble pattern which reminds me of nothing but the moon! The thought of cleansing your face with soaps usually frightens but these two proved to be no disappointments. Specialised on night cleansing the Magic Stone Origin is a heavy-makeup washer while Magic Stone Black is a gentle second-step cleanser. I enjoy the very bit of massage with its foam bubble, followed by a pore-refreshing feeling and a hydrating thrill. Best part of it all? Embraced with carefully selected ingredients like shea butter, grape oil and French green clay, it has made a pact to be the best friend of your sensitive skin.

Magic Stone USD$14.99
Magic Stone Black USD$14.99

Rating: 4/5

Skin Mask-i-mization

I’d like to have my own private 30-minute indulgence on something I deserve – deep cleansing and hydration for my face – I enjoy instantaneous cooling effect.

Its 2-piece design facilitates essence absorption which serves as a rescue in my packed schedule. My more-supple and nourished skin has the radiant complexion once again – one of the few things I enjoy under the summer’s heat. It provides a pore-refreshing sense as it brightens up, removes impurities on the skin and sets your skin shining.

A quick fix for irritated skin under the ruthless sun.

Mummy Mud Mask USD$22
Mermaid Hydrogel Mask USD$22

Rating: 4/5

Vogue-in Bewitchments

Matte-finish kissable lips are all the rage now. These three recent beauties hit the right spot for anyone looking for non-staining, smudge-free and vibrant colour lip tints. Loved by all the fashionistas across Korea, April Skin has
daringly launched three exceptional colours: Bloody Mary, Tomato Lady and Peach Crush – each with its unique enchantment.

A must-have for a date with him.

Fixing Tint Bloody Mary USD$11
Fixing Tint Tomato Lady USD$11
Fixing Tint Peach Crush USD$11

Rating: 4/5

By Joyce Tsui