JOHN FEI, CEO of KIM ENG SECURITIES Hong Kong talks about exceeding customer expectations in an increasingly competitive competitive market and why the company is our choice for  ASIAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LEADER OF THE DECADE Award.

Since 1987, Kim Eng Securities (HK) has been established and has provided clients with comprehensive investment products and services. Product diversifications and market expansions are the key reasons for Kim Eng’s growth over recent years, according to John Fei, CEO of Kim Eng Securities Hong Kong ltd.

Kim Eng offers comprehensive and diversified investment products to clients in order to fulfill the needs of clients from retail to corporate sector.

Products include Hong Kong and overseas Stocks, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stocks Connect, Margin Financing, IPO, Futures and Options, Foreign Stocks, Warrants & CBBC’s and Contract for Difference (CFD), etc. 

Exceeding Expectations

With the launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect since 2014, Hong Kong investors can trade and settle the shares listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Vice versa, investors from mainland China can also trade and settle shares listed in HKEx via SSE in their local market.

“This has definitely enlarged the opportunities for Kim Eng to increase the market shares from China market. With the impending launch of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, it will further adds greater participation of both the northbound and southbound investors,” says Fei.

Kim Eng provides clients with online, mobile and offline platforms. “With the launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, clients can trade and settle shares listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange not only through offline platform but also through online and mobile platforms – KE Trade PRO. KE Trade PRO provided both Mobile Apps and Online HTML5 trading platforms, our clients can easily access and manage their stock portfolio easily,” Fei says.

Kim Eng’s clients can access different platform, online and offline. For online and mobile trading, clients can trade anytime anywhere through mobile and web without boundaries.

In 2016, a professional trading platform KE Trade PRO was launched. It has provided some new functions such as Condition Order, which brings clients with more professional trading experience. Clients can easily manage their stocks portfolio in a fingertip. Also, clients can closely interact with Kim Eng by getting the latest news, participating in our workshops and seminars and getting latest offerings from Kim Eng through its online platforms.

Kim Eng’s research team provides in-depth, professional and incisive investment analysis on publicly listed corporates in the Greater China region.

“Our mission is to give our clients unparalleled access and insights to our coverage universe and to help deserving corporates realize their full valuation potential,” says Fei.

Days Ahead

“Since the launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, it does provide more opportunities and incentive for China investors to trade Hong Kong stocks. We will move our sights to Greater China in the near future. A series of business developments and marketing activities will be planned and launched.

As Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect will also be unveiled soon, this will expand the number of stocks that mainland investors can trade in through the cross-border connections. Hence, we are well prepared for such changes and to cater for the new opportunities.

“With the advancement and more maturity of Fin-tech and the change of users habits in trading stocks in both Hong Kong and Mainland China, Kim Eng Securities (HK) is devoted in promoting its unique and advance new trading platform. We are striving to increase the ratio of our online trading client populations with a series of marketing campaigns and promotions. Moreover, we are constantly monitoring the taste of our investors and adjusting our platform capabilities to cope with the users habits,” Fei explains.

“In the next stage, we are planning to make use of our advantage to enable our KE Trade PRO clients to trade different products and different markets in a single platform. In addition, we will strengthen our investor education by introducing China market to our ASEAN clients and vice versa,” concludes Fei.

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