Within a remarkably short span of time Korean skincare brand APRILSKIN has captured the imagination of the discerning Hong Kong market. Its CEOs explain how and why.

“APRILSKIN is a natural cosmetic brand with key ingredients of products naturally derived. Our skincare products are nonirritant and we strive to achieve natural rejuvenation,” says Byung-hoon Kim, co-CEO of Korean skincare brand APRILSKIN.

“They provide easy, effective and high-end quality skincare at home using sheet mask, essence and facial packs. Our cosmetics are highly popular as well. Shades and colors that are perfectly suitable for Asians comprise its competitiveness. Our main target is younger generation who accommodates and adapts to rapidly changing trendy culture. They are trend-conscious with high interest in beauty and skincare.” 

Market Applause

“Rather than merely being satisfied with our present position, we agreed that we would be more successful if we enter the market with more suitable and more desirable products in its quality-wise and cost-effective,” says co-CEO Ju-kwang Lee.

“We have entered SASA, Bonjour and Watsons in Hong Kong less than half a year ago. Consumers in Hong Kong are well known as pondering shoppers with high expectation on products they purchase. Therefore, the quality of products will influence its success in Hong Kong market.

“We believe that successful branding is more important than merely increasing the sales of one specific product. As of short-term goal, we expect APRILSKIN to earn consumer’s trust and loyalty. Starting with Hong Kong, we are planning to launch various events that will allow us to encounter our customer and communicate. Please keep an eye on us.”

Faith in Quality

“Our products is what we are. It tells everything about APRILSKIN. Before a product is manufactured, we decide the target consumer and message it will deliver. For example, if we advertise a product for ‘hydration’, the product is manufactured to provide intense hydration. If an advertisement is focused on ‘coverage’, the product surely has flawless coverage.”

“Consumer satisfaction is very high as we strive to maintain consistency in a message the product carries from planning to advertisement. As we have mentioned above, consumers in Hong Kong are more special and valued customers of APRILSKIN because we perceive them as high-leveled and sophisticated shoppers,” says says Byung-hoon Kim.

“We think of Hong Kong consumer as a partner who we can communicate closely to develop the brand together and believe that being accredited by Hong Kong customers is the first step we need to take in our advance to global market. One thing we would like to request is this — please have a chance to try our products to make a precise judgement on our brand, APRILSKIN. You will then understand exactly why APRILSKIN products are incomparably and why they are growing in popularity amongst our Chinese customers and fans.”

For additional information, please visit en.aprilskin.com

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