Helping Hong Kong’s saturated beauty market to see through the mist, COSDERMA is making a huge difference to the consumer. Its Managing Director WENDY TSUI, explains how.

Hong Kong’s profit-driven cosmetics market is rapidly growing to make place for the good, bad and ugly. Smart and often misleading advertisements and lack of governmental controls are making it increasingly hard for consumers to mix and match what’s best for their needs.

So CosDerma was set up to educate the market with knowledge-based services that help people choose what’s right for them, says Wendy Tsui, CosDerma’s managing director. 

Consumer Responsibility

“The medical beauty industry in Greater China and has grown very fast, however, it lacks control by the government and related institutions which often provide the wrong messages while just focusing on making profit. Many of the medical aesthetic procedures are not carried out by doctors and pose a high risk for customers,” says Tsui, adding that her company’s mission is to render professional services and spread the correct message and hope that they can experience this premium service in Hong Kong.

Added Value

“We operate our centre in a medical clinic format, with all treatments are 100% under doctor’s supervision,” says Tsui. “Clients are offered the advanced tailor-made solutions from simple skin care to advanced aesthetic treatments after the consultation by doctor. We emphasize on aesthetic treatments which help to achieve healthy, young looking skin rather than simple facial treatment. We seldom place advertisement to promote our clinic since our clients are 100% from referral and this enables us to pass on the savings to the customer.”

Tsui adds: “While our business has seen an impact from the overall negative impression of the fly-by-night beauty industry and of course, the economic downturn as well as conscientious company, professionalism oriented, and happy to educate the consumer with the right concepts of beauty and health.” “We do not participate in the price war, instead, we will keep a stable price level to maintain our brand’s image, reputation and service standard,” says Tsui.

True to Values

“Expansion into China is an option but not at the moment. We prefer to consolidate our position rather than expand for the sake of it. We would like to devote more resources in improving our services rather than open new branches and spread the word of our unbiased, professional services via social media like WECHAT and facebook. Our success secret is simple – ‘cultivate yourself before you can achieve a harmonious family, then you can talk about ruling a country and ultimately head for pacifying the whole world.’ (修身齊家治國平天下). We believe our professional, passion and sincerity of conscience remain the key factors of our success,” Tsui concludes.

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