Pet lovers can now treat their pets to a ‘hotel’ style facility where pets are pampered and loved until their owners return, thanks to the will and vision of CHRISTINA YEUNG founder of DOG CHEERS!.

Only pet lovers can truly appreciate the lovely relationship people have with their pets. Only admirers of Hong Kong’s enterprising spirit can truly appreciate a novel concept and both dreams come true with the creation Dog Cheers! No one tells the story better than its founder, local entrepreneur, Christina Yeung.

“My husband and I always had a passion for dogs. We, ourselves, had three dogs at one point and we all lived in an apartment. Our dogs are free to go anywhere in our home, and that makes them happy. Then there was a time when we planned to travel and was looking for dog boarding, but we couldn’t find any good and professional ones that qualify our needs. The rooms we visited were either too small, or the service was not safe. We knew our dogs wouldn’t be happy in such a place, so we came up with our own idea and talked about opening a dog hotel to serve all doggies in Hong Kong.”

Christina Yeung: “We would now call Dog owners – Dog parents, because they treat their dogs like their own children.”

Love Unlimited

“The major factor that helped our company grow is the demand for a good pet service and the quality of pet products has increased in Hong Kong. More people in Hong Kong own pets, especially dogs, and are becoming very knowledgeable in how to raise a beautiful and healthy dog. We would now call Dog owners – Dog parents, because they treat their dogs like their own children. And as a Dog parent, they would want the best for their dog, like buying them toxic-free toys, supplements and higher quality foods.”

Yeung says: “We see the changes in Dog parents’ demand these days, and therefore we are importing mostly natural pet foods, toxic-free toys and other natural products from the United States, Europe, and Australia.”

Filling a Niche

“We are located in the Urban area and our shop is just 3 minutes away from Chai Wan MTR station. We offer 24 hours hotel service and all of our rooms are under surveillance with staffs on duty. We have a very spacious living room, lodging area and outdoor enclosure area. Our shop is designed to make doggies and their parents to feel like home; they will feel very relaxed and cozy during their stay.”

“All of our staff are certified with St. John Pet First Aid and Emergency Care, and one of them is also a certified Veterinary Assistant. In addition, Dog Cheers is a member of the Pet Sitter International (PSI). We are all professional dog care givers with knowledgeable skills.”

No Limits

“We are looking into opening a dog cafe, massage salon with additional herbal treatment, and physiotherapy. So instead of expansion, like opening another shop or franchise, we are more into focusing the services in our main shop. We believe this way would be the fastest and easiest way to increase our reputation.

“We are still on our way to success. I do believe if you have the passion to do what you like to do, and that you are having fun with what you are doing, then you will succeed. We are very glad that our customers have been very supportive to Dog Cheers. We will always try to achieve a Win-Win-Win outcome. Dog Cheers will succeed because we don’t just focus on how much profit we make, but we pay attention on Pets, People and the Planet. We hope to do good things that benefit the 3Ps,” Yeung concludes.

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