Responsible production according to a strict code of ethics has powered the growth of a family-owned and operated business that’s made the brand a true icon of our times.

Total Enterprise and our pig farm were founded in 1997 and 2008 respectively. “Not only is food one of the basic survival needs for human life, it also has significant impacts on our well-being. Hence food safety has long been a highly concerned issue in our society,” says Tsoi Wai, founder of Total Group.

The quality of finished food products relies heavily on the quality of their starting materials, thus the privately owned pig farm ensures quality fresh meat for Total Group.

Wai says: “Hong Kong is a very large trade market. To enter this market and let the general public to know us, give the market confidence and gaining a foothold is not easy. In the run up to our 20th anniversary, we’ve experienced many ups and downs, and a large number of competitors have also appeared. Fortunately, Total Group has occupied a certain status amongst its peers, even after the financial turmoil, SARS and the recent “rotten meat” from Basil event, Total Group survived.”

Total Quality Management

“Since our pig farm is high yield, breeding around 200,000 pigs each year, our primary focus has thus become ensuring the consistent quality of raw pork. To achieve the best quality, we have established a long-term partnership with Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and invited its experts to monitor the farm’s selection of first-rate swine breeding stock, safe animal feed and veterinary medicine, as well as other rearing methods. Good water quality in production is also essential for perfect quality management and it is first processed by the our filtration equipment before use. Its daily water treatment capacity can reach 1,000 tons, providing a safe and sufficient water source guaranteed for all production lines.”

“Since 2015 until now, a total of fifty frozen products of ‘Homemade’ and ‘Shuang Quan’ (including Golden Fish Balls, Beef Balls, Ham, Bacon, Cheese Sausages and Preserved Sausages, etc.) were accredited the Q-mark quality product license. Q-mark is certified by test results from laboratories approved by the Hong Kong SAR Government and adopts stringent verification procedures throughout the process. That is why passing the Q-mark licensing requirements indicates the we have won the consumers’ trust and confidence.”

“Total Enterprise Ltd has kept to my father’s philosophy of ‘food safety comes first in production.” – Tsoi Wai

China Prospects

According to Wai, In the last decade, China’s development has been gradually globalized. The mainland’s consumption models and food cultures are blended with both eastern and western styles. “Globalisation not only arouses the Chinese consumers’ interest in international cuisines, it has also increased public acceptability of new and creative food products. To cope with the ever-changing consumer market and the rising living standard of Chinese people, companies must make constant progress in product innovation and keep up with the international catering trends in order to gain a firm foothold in the market.

“Product-wise, we introduced multi-national elements to innovate our products and release specialty food including Western bacon, Taiwanese grilled sausages and stuffed pork balls in curry, catering to the changes in food consumption patterns and tastes. We are now working on the development of green food to build a diversified selection from which consumers can choose its quality food and fresh ingredients.”

Social Responsibily

After 20 years of efforts, Total Enterprise Ltd has developed into an international trade, which has annual production capacity of more than 100,000 tons of feed mill, 200,000 pig breeding base, 30,000 tons of meat processing plants, annual turnover of more than 3 billion.

“Looking ahead in the next 10 years, the Group will be able to accelerate its development in various regions in the country. The Group has invested RMB100 million at the beginning of the year to set up its headquarters in Zhuhai Hengqin Free Trade Zone. In the next 10 years, the Group will build a new feed factory, in line with the world’s environmental standards of pig farms, improved deep processing plant processing technology.

“Total Enterprise Ltd has kept to my father’s philosophy of ‘food safety comes first in production. Great responsibility lies with us to upkeep our food hygiene standards and this is also the basic requirement underlying the food industry. Manufacturers must first act in accordance with their conscience and safeguard the citizens’ health, before they can build a well-trusted brand in which people have complete confidence,” says Wai.

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