Quality of service, customer care and staff empowerment have taken NETSPHERE SOLUTIONS LTD from concept to market leader, says its director SIMON SHUM.

Mr. Simon Shum (R), Director & Mr. Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment.

Netsphere was founded in 2002. It started off as a trading company selling industrial PCs and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Due to changes and demands from the market, it gradually repositioned ourselves into the power management sector.

“We now specialize in providing power supply system, solutions and maintenance services to a wide range of industries,” says Simon Shum, the company’s director.

“We are based in Hong Kong and have established regional presence across South East Asia. Our service packages are designed using the (UPS), fuel cell power system or the pure lead battery. Our most recent venture is dealing with two environmental products, including EV chargers and a bioremediating washing system.”

Consistent Quality

“We focus on service quality; we do not compete on prices. Our impeccable services have differentiated us from others. Our technical staff do not just work during office hours, they provide round-the-clock emergency service,” says Shum.

“We pride ourselves on the dedicated support team and prompt services. Understanding the importance of consistent power supply for clients is vital. Professional and personalized solution packages are designed according to each client’s requirements. Our comprehensive packages do not just cater for enterprises but also for eco-conscious companies.”

“We invest in training our staff. Up-to-date technical or management workshops are provided regularly. We value our employees’ development and hope to provide a smart healthy working environment for them. As a team, we share the customer-centric culture. This is not just a concept, it is a mission we all embrace.”

Future is Green

Shum says: “The government has played a significant role in promoting the greener ideas and educating the public, nevertheless more recognition and incentives for environmental products are needed. Take electric vehicles (EVs) as an example, since the government has set up the $300 million Pilot Green Transport Fund in March 2011 and offering first registration tax (FRT) concessions, the sales of EVs have soared and about 11,033 EVs are now on the road. Unfortunately, the FRT concession will end in March 2018, sales are expected to drop for sure. The government and policy makers can undoubtedly influence consumers’ buying motivation and generate wider environmental concerns. We actively participated in seminars and exhibitions over the years but companies cannot change the market and buying behavior without the support from the government. Much more should be done, we need to work vigorously for a greener Hong Kong.”

Adapting and Improving

Netsphere has been enjoying steady growth since 2002. “We started dealing with the two environmental products in 2016. A new team has been set up to manage this new venture. We are studying the niche markets for EV chargers and the bioremediating washing system. Connections are being made between vendors and potential buyers. We are not planning a mass scale expansion, stable and healthy growth is more important. Challenges are inevitable for any new products or ideas, e.g. competitions in the field, legislative changes and economic prospects. We have to keep upgrading, adopting and equipping ourselves for changes and challenges.”

Service: Constant Improvement

“The customer-centric culture is ingrained rigidly in every employee. Our simple management philosophy is about building strong sound relationships with clients and staff. We guide and exhort staff to take initiative at work. Proactive and energetic staff usually feel happier with their job. Staff satisfaction and client satisfaction are strongly correlated, therefore, we handle staff satisfaction and retention as important issues. On the other side of the coin is retaining customer loyalty. When contented customers gave referrals and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, that could be the most cost-effective promotion for our company. On top of the solutions and support provided, we empower the staff to go the extra mile for our clients, it has proven to be a successful customer care program over the years.”

“As for China the market for UPS is already saturated. At this point of saturation, we are adopting new strategies in hopes of serving the increasingly intellectual and demanding market. Better strategies to enhance our customer services and maintenance packages are our major priorities.”

For additional information, please visit www.netsphere.com.hk

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