Leading the industry with vision, commitment, resources and talent, LIK KAI ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD has grown into a dynamic player with an enviable reputation.

Lik Kai Engineering Company Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP). The company was founded in 1982 and started its business as an electrical and mechanical maintenance contractor for supporting the property management business of parent company.

Executive director, Ir Sidney Tong says that prior to 2007, “we possessed a primitive management system that the other traditional engineering companies had at the time.”

“With continuous improvement and metamorphosis in the past 10 years particularly, we have evolved into a multi-disciplinary engineering company that provides a wide range of services including electrical and mechanical engineering, air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation, fire services, plumbing & drainage, as well as energy management and building works. The growth of the company is supported by key factors including visionary management and dedicated staff.”

Building on Success

“Being a subsidiary of SHKP, we commit ourselves to providing the highest quality services to our parent company and support its property development and business strategies majority in Hong Kong, and in Mainland China as required. We always improve our quality and seek opportunities to expand our business with partners that share our core values of Professionalism, Partnership, Quality, Safety and Sustainability.”

“‘Building a Better Tomorrow’ for the company’s stakeholders is our mission. Our vision is to be a pioneer in the engineering field, providing top-tier innovative solutions.”

“The senior management formulated the Vision, Mission and Core Values (VMV) with our core competence, stakeholders’ interests and parent company’s core values in mind. The VMV of Lik Kai is well integrated into our daily work. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) System implemented by the company is an enabling factor for the integration. The KPI is set up in three tiers: strategic objectives, overall organizational performance and daily operations. Through this system, management can cascade the substance of VMV while the staff members can master the essence and work together towards achieving the same goal.”

“The transformation of Lik Kai was not an easy one, but indeed one that results in fruitfulness. Starting with SHKP’s long-standing belief in ‘Building Homes with Heart’ and conviction from the Bible verse “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it”. (Proverbs 4:23) – Ir Sidney Tong, Executive Director

Quality First

“We will continue to build up good corporate citizenship and holistically contribute to a caring company, serving the community with our professions. We were the Merit Award Winner of the Hong Kong Management Association Quality Award 2017.”

“The senior management strategically takes roles within professional institutions, government taskforces and local trade associations. We actively participate in various social functions to collect the latest information about market and business trends, and share them with our customers.”

Tong adds: “We proactively anticipate public concerns and adverse impacts within existing and new services. In response to the issue of non-payment or overdue wages, a direct auto-payment mechanism was adopted to identify the workers’ attendance at the job site in accordance with site entry record.”

“We are also making good use of modern technologies such as Building Information Modeling in building design, construction and management. It facilities project management and quality of work from end to end.”

Surging Forward

“We have steady growth in project works for both SHKP and non-SHKP group, and will continue to set up new service and value-added support to suit customer/market needs, including energy consultancy and solutions, exploring business of Building Information Modeling in the construction industry, and building façade installation.”

He notes that the transformation of Lik Kai was not an easy one, but indeed one that results in fruitfulness.

“For the past ten years, we expanded our business into a one-stop professional and quality all-round engineering and construction service – annual turnover went up about three times while net profit increased thirteen-fold. Rather than simply enjoying success, we continue to strive and bring our company to the next level so we can meet the demands of the ever-changing business world.”

For additional information, please visit www.likkai.com.hk

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