Amazing AR/VR/MR technologial solutions are now avilable thanks to the pioneering efforts of CORDEX INTERNATIONAL LTD.

Frankie Pang, Director.

Cordex Intelligence was founded at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, sponsored by the government on the Incub-Tech Program, to focus on research and development in AR/VR/MR Technologies.

The company develops solutions for mainly four industries: engineering, property development, retail and education.

“In engineering, Cordex supports multiple government departments (e.g. CEDD, WSD, DSD and HD) in AR/VR training, 3D visualization and public consultation.

In property development, Cordex was commissioned by some biggest developers, and deliver AR/VR/MR solutions for sales and marketing, project development and internal management,” says Frankie Pang, director of Cordex.

Smart Products

In 2016, Cordex developed first AR/VR/MR total mobile solution for Pricerite, one of the biggest furniture retailers in Hong Kong, established its 3D digital asset and continue to expand its database.

“We have, since then, partnered with successful toy distributors, integrated AR/VR/MR technologies and converted conventional plastic toys into STEAM related smart toys.  Cordex develop around 10 smart toys every year to enhance product and educational values,” Pang reveals.

He observes that AR/VR/MR are becoming more common terms to the general public. “While users gain better understanding and insight of the technologies, the market turns more mature and the needs for related applications increase continuously.

Customers typically have a clearer mindset and requirements for every project to address their objectives,” says Pang.

Cordex believe the market will or has fragmentized to fulfill specific needs from various industries. “Therefore,” says Pang, “VR services providers have to be more specialized in order to satisfy their end-users. We need to research and develop particular technical functions, interfaces and platforms for years ahead and anticipate the ever-changing market.”

Dare to be Different!

Speaking of his company’s competitive edge, pang says, Cordex is a group of energetic, daring and creative individuals, who are constantly reaching out to explore new technologies, hardware and software. 

Cordex has its own research and development team, continue to innovate and discover new application.  The company also provides long-term consultation services to really grasp the market pulse and requirements. 

“Nevertheless, we believe it is our attitude, passion and people that differentiates us,” Pang says proudly.

“Cordex is about empowering our clients to be the best in class, to explore, to harness emerging technologies and use them optimally.” – Frankie Pang

Days Ahead

Frankie Pang, director of Cordex Intelligence receives the HKMVC Awards from Mediazone’s editor-in-chief Mr. Glenn Rogers.

“We are building our showroom to demonstrate the latest AR/VR/MR solutions in Hong Kong and China.  So, partners and customers can better comprehend the optimal set up and application with various technologies,” says Pang.

He adds: “Our customers will definitely see Cordex growing our research and development team, delivering more valuable products and having stronger footprint in the market. Our mission is to add value to our customers, to reveal smarter alternatives to in turn amaze their customers. Cordex is about empowering our clients to be the best in class, to explore, to harness emerging technologies and use them optimally. This is the Cordex promise and what we promise, we deliver,” concludes Pang.

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