As Asia booms so does the glut for top notch personnel in trade and industry. In tandem, the need for experienced, accomplished people managers is growing like never before. PROTRON fills this niche, says Principal Consultant CHESTER WONG.

Chester Wong, Principal Consultant.

“We are catering to a population of 1.4 billion highly mobile customers. This includes global corporations bringing in several senior executives from every corner of the world,” observes Chester Wong, Principal Consultant for Protron Consulting Group, a dynamic, growing company that’s rapidly carving a name for itself in the world of quality people management/talent enhancing firms.

Smart Choices!

“Smart decision makers would know that only consultants with genuine and solid senior executive experience could help them solving the people management problems under such diversified cultural contexts and complexities,” Wong says.

Today, a lot of so-called consultants are good at wrapping things up in a beautiful manner, or completing a training in a most entertaining and enjoyable way, or to present theoretical ideas with lots of high-sounding, impressive jargon.

But sadly, most cannot show solid, thorough project experience or successful management experience, or even sport any supporting figures and facts that directly related to the results of their work,” Wong says.

“​We are in a most traditional industry. There has not been any significant change in people management since Taylor’s work in the era of the second Industrial Revolution. Improving technical skills and providing many tools won’t change much. People have always to be motivated, respected and recognized. We at Protron always stick to these ancient principles of people management! But in terms of marketing, tools and industrial standards, we see ourselves as pioneers. Why? Say for instances, we firstly initiate 6 months’ service guarantee period for our senior executive candidates’ referral. We provide candidates’ summary for a potential employers’ selection. We make service commitments by means of time frames. We publish standard work procedures and provide post-training visits to learners and recommendations to employers. We create our own talent-based systems. We established our homepage in 1997 and a Wechat corporate account in 2013 even before a lot of MNCs could,” Wong says.

China Footprint

Wong adds that consistent high quality and value-for-money, effective services all around Greater China are provided through Protron’s 6 Offices (top 10 GDP and top 10 population cities alongside with Hong Kong and Taipei).

“We shall keep moving and plan to open more branches to foster talent from Greater China are available exclusively to our clients. Our training and consulting service would be also more handy and efficient to all our clients seeking help with managing executive over the great cultural divide. Technologies are consistently applied and improved to save the service time and our clients, money.” he concludes.   

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