Catering to the most technologically advanced companies in Hong Kong has proved challenging and rewarding for FELTON NG and PAKEY CHAN of mMAX DESIGN LTD.

Felton Ng (R), Founding partner and Creative Director with Pakey Chan, Founder and Interior/ Space Designer Director.

Evolving tastes, global flavours and technological advancement are only a few of the many changes that Hong Kong’s growing interior design industry have to grapple with.

Shrinking sizes, lack of sufficient talent and of course, rising costs also contribute to making growth so much harder but for the irrepressible Felton Ng and Pakey Chan, the challenges are but stepping stones to success.

The Hong Kong market’s demand for quality design has been increasing immensely over recent years, notes Felton Ng, adding that in today’s digitalised world consumers are constantly discovering new global trends which continue to evolve their tastes and preferences in product design, interior design and architecture.

“Many of our own clients have lived overseas which means that they have also been exposed to more diverse designs so the challenge is to differentiate ourselves so our customers can see what makes us special, unique, worth investing in.”

One-Stop-Shop: Holistic Service

“What makes us different from other design firms is that we pride ourselves to be an integrated design firm that offers a full service,” Ng says. “We have delivered holistic projects for many clients which involved the creation of their brand identity, the design of their retail store and the delivery of campaign collaterals, TVC and digital advertising – because we have a team of specialised talents, we are a one stop shop!”

Ng says, every team member has had close to 20 years of design experience and serviced a wide range of clients from different industries, making us very desirable in the market.

“We recognise that designs today need to be flexible, smart and compatible with the digitalised world,” he explains.

“Will-Do” Attitude

According to Pakey Chan, co-founder and Interior/space Designer Director, current trends across retail design are leaning towards fusion style which combines two or three cultural styles, like minimalist Scandinavian and new oriental old Shanghai styles. “In terms of workplace, the concept of ‘work and play’ has been increasingly popular as companies are starting to value a more mobile and comfortable work environment to increase productivity and job satisfaction,” she says.

Commenting on their firm’s work with the retail market she says: “Every inch of Hong Kong’s limited real estate is extremely valuable. Therefore when it comes to designing a retail store it is important to take into consideration how the business operates and what provides a positive shopping experience for the customer.”

mMax Design Ltd receives the trophy of excellence at Mediazone’s Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards ceremony, December 12, 2019.

“We recognise that designs today need to be flexible, smart and compatible with the digitalised world,” – Felton Ng, Founding Partner and Creative Director of mMax Design

Integrated & Client-Centric

“Our working process is simple. We always start with a consultation meeting with clients to understand what they want and need. Then we propose a plan outlining our recommendations and the project details. Once all details are aligned with the client we move onto the development or construction stage. During this stage we make sure there is open communication with our clients to ensure the progress matches their needs and expectations. At the stage of completion we will walk through the completed project with our client by explaining all the features and functions to ensure our client is across the final deliverables. Throughout the process we adopt a “will-do” attitude regardless of how hard the objectives are. We aim to deliver beyond expectations and we do.”

Best of Many Worlds

Asked about growth of market share, Ng says: “At the moment we are focused on establishing our brand by building communities and working on projects around the world. With 20 years of experience in the industry we hope to continue providing quality designs for companies around the world. Our slogan ‘good ideas mix and max’ reflects our undying passion for creating new and unique ideas – we will keep combining and maximising good ideas to produce GREAT ideas for our clients!”

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