Direct for lender to borrower, transactions now are cost-effective, fast and reliable thanks to creative concepts from BEVERLEY CREDIT (GLOBAL) COMPANY LTD.

Personal and corporate borrowing and lending were time consuming, tedious and confusing, until Tang Wai Lun Alan founded Beverley Credit (Global) Company Ltd. The concept was simple – to provide the needy with swift financial help with minimum fuss. The market took to the new concept quickly and business began to boom for Tang’s enterprise. 

“We began by emphasizing on our brand and building a reputation amidst our markets,” Tang says. “The industry is saturated with money lenders of all sizes, shapes and hues, so finding a niche and filling it was not easy. The business nature itself is not easy given that it comes with its considerable risks. The reality though is that people in need of financial solutions need to get help and that’s what we set up the company to do – to offer help where and when needed.”

Market Response

Poon Yuen Ki Rebekka, the firm’s CEO says “our company is focusing on the population of the China market as the larger the population, the more loans are needed. We are mainly focused on Shenzhen where we mainly concentrate on the mortgage services as the possibility of bad debt is relatively small.

During our the trial period the company received about 40 listings and almost 60% could be processed.”

“We have a strong Information Technology team enabling our clients to apply for and drawn down loans more efficiently. Our online contracts mean clients can access money more efficiently and without personal appearances. We conduct enquiries, checks etc. all with apps and phone calls and thanks to our young and creative team we are able to conduct business smoothly and effortlessly across borders too,” explains Poon. 

“Along the way, there are a lot more competitors within Asia (such as Korea, Japan and Taiwan, etc.) Therefore, the issue of bad debt is rising rapidly. Hence we are expanding to cater not only to Hong Kong residents but to serve foreigners in Hong Kong too.

Never the less, the company has also begun its credit business in Taiwan and China. Internally, we have set up our own call center to ensure our customers can reduce risk from fraud.”

Poon says her journey began with an inspirations TV programme where she learnt that crafting concepts is adventurous but its is pointless without execution.

“We expect to grow on referral business as our customer’s satisfaction takes us to new heights of market dominance.”

Coping with Change

“Given the state of the market, rise of e-commerce, rising competition and difficulty to attract service-orientated staff, proactive companies have to rethink their operational strategies. We have to be agile to keep abreast of changes to related legislation, market forces, new technology and of course, creative ways to achieve customer satisfaction. All in all, we are satisfied with our market share and expansion will be pragmatic and controlled. We expect to grow on referral business as our customer’s satisfaction takes us to new heights of market dominance,” concludes Poon.

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