Incorporated in 2013, Regal Crown Technology Limited (RCT) has grown to become a leading fintech innovator with over a decade of experience in providing online and offline payment gateway solutions and IT support to clients in the Asia Pacific region.

Michael Law, CEO of Regal Crown Technology

“The Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked technology adoption for many industries in these last 2-3 years, so today most of our customers are ‘Glocal’. This is why we are on a mission to expand both our service scope and international presence. In fact, earlier this year we were listed in London Stock Exchange (Main Market),” says Michael Law, CEO of Regal Crown Technology.

According to Mr. Law, in late Q4 of 2022 Regal Crown Technology’s two new marketing technology products called CatchAR and Maid Maid Matching will be launched.

“CatchAR turns 2D pictures into 3D animation images to enhance the interaction between the merchants and their end users. As a result, more business opportunities become realistic, while Maid Maid Matching is our social app aimed at providing a bridge between the Maid in Hong Kong (phase 1) and potential employers for matching purposes. This app will empower employers and Maids to manage payroll, earn points to redeem coupons for discounts, gifts and so on in the near future,” he says.

“Another innovation we have is for the financial services sector called RC 2.0. This technology is aimed at improving the efficiency of all KYC procedures through e-KYC techniques, so we will be serving both corporate and individual users on a 24-7 basis,” he concludes.

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The Mediazone Group congratulates Regal Crown Technology Limited on winning the Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2022 Award. We wish the company more success in its future endeavour.