In spite of the ‘un-developed’ allergy market in Hong Kong ALK ABELLO is pushing back boundaries and forging ahead to bring relief to patients against all odds.

ALK is a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company that focuses on allergy prevention, diagnosis and treatment. As a world leader in allergy immunotherapy, the roots of ALK can be traced back to 1923.

“Since then, ALK have been working to improve quality of life for allergy patients whose diseases can severely affect their quality of life,” says Dr. Andrew Hui Siu Fu, general manager, Greater China.

ALK’s evidence-based allergy immunotherapy products not only reduce allergic symptoms but also treats the underlying cause of a specific allergy. The office of ALK Greater China was set up in 2000 to leverage ALK’s global know-how in allergy diseases management to benefit the allergic patients in Greater China,” explains Hui.

Innovation First

Allergic disease is one of the world’s most common chronic conditions, affecting millions of people globally, says Hui. “China is one of the most ‘un-developed’ allergy markets representing a major growth opportunity for the company. The prevalence of allergic rhinitis and asthma in China are 20% and 5%, corresponding to 260 million and 55 million patients, respectively. ALK has had commercial presence in China since 2005. We are the market leader for allergen specific (mite) subcutaneous immunotherapy with double digit of annual growth. We have more than 150 top ranked hospitals in Greater China who offering ALK’s evidence-based treatment – Alutard SQ®.” He adds that in 2016, the company launched an adrenaline auto-injector – Jext® for the treatment of severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) in Hong Kong. This is also the first life-saving adrenaline auto-injector registered in Hong Kong.

“Patient education, doctor education and professional training are the keys for better adaptation of the treatment.” – Dr. Andrew Hui Siu Fu

Market Leader

“As a constant pioneer in the allergy immunotherapy, we have challenged and pushed the boundaries of allergy treatment so that, today, allergy immunotherapy is entering a new era of evidence-based treatment following the advent of more convenient tablet-based treatments pioneered by ALK. Our evidence-based treatment together with more than 90 years ‘know-how’ in allergy diseases, helped us to differentiate from other competitors locally and globally.”

According to Hui, the obstacles in Hong Kong market include the low awareness of the availability of allergen immunotherapy, “and this advanced treatment is non-reimbursable by public hospitals.” Only few famous private hospitals and clinics are offering such treatment with ALK’s evidence-based allergy immunotherapy products. Compared to rest of the world where allergy immunotherapy is reimbursable and the market, well educated, Hong Kong is still lack behind the trend. Patient education, doctor education and professional training are the keys for better adaptation of the treatment. Meanwhile, the launch of Jext® (life-saving adrenaline auto-injector for severe allergy reaction) has shown sign of success in breaking these boundaries.”

United in Progress

“Following the advent of more convenient tablet-based sublingual treatments, in additional to ALK’s professionals, we have been partnering with other global pharmaceutical companies and local business partners to expand the markets.”

From Asia pacific perspectives, ALK has our footprints in many countries, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, South East Asia as well as Greater China.

“We also established our own sales team in Mainland China for which is the most attractive market for immunotherapy in near future,” says Hui.

“The secret of success for ALK Greater China is seen in our value set: Progressive, Trustworthy, Focused and United. Thinking globally, at the same time, acting locally is another key tactic in bridging the success of ALK global to ALK Greater China. Last but not least, I want to succeed as a team – not just succeed on my own. Our success means better quality of care for our patients.”

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