Cutting-edge Design and Human-Centric Service coupled with a wide array of project expertise puts us ahead of the pack and the best choice for discerning customers says GRISELDA LEUNG. 

Griselda Leung, Founder and Design Director.

Griselda Leung, Founder and Design Director of InterDots Interior Architecure Ltd, has been serving the hospitality and commercial industry for interior design since 2006.

Thanks to our creativity and innovative design solutions, we were recommended by Hong Kong Design Centre and received a fund in 2018 to upscale our business,” says Leung, adding that since then the firm enjoyed rapid growth and was able to launch its branch office in Japan and set up a Japanese design team there in 2019.

“It is truly our honour to receive the Awards of Asia Pacific’s Leader in Hotel Design Solutions and Excellence in Creative Solutions, Project Management and On-Site Cost & Quality Control from Mediazone in 2020 to recognise our exceptional quality of works and the contributions of high level designs that exceed the expectations of our clients, which are mainly 5-star international hotel brands and luxury property developers across Asia.”

Fever-pitch Competition!

Leung notes that the competition of the design industry is always strong as every service provider is creative enough with reasonable pricing to stay in the battle for market share.

“The cost involved in a design and renovation project is always a huge amount of investment because the construction cost is always taken into accounts and the brands would really think twice, or even more, before they make the decision to hire the right design consultant to make sure that the ROI for the project is profitable and sustainable.

These are the elements that makes the brands stand out, and their collaborations with us proved to achieve their business goals through the role of design,” she explains.

What Customers Want!

“What made us special in the market is, we craft unique customer journey based on stories of the brands and design customer experience by all means, all senses. This way we can strengthen our clients’ brand identities, create emotional impact and deliver their value. As we mentioned earlier, we had set up a Japanese design team in 2019 and this made us to have complete advantage to provide our clients in Hong Kong and China with thoughtful and unbeatable Japanese detailing and quality, with local pricing as most of the drawing production works is done in the Hong Kong studio to minimise the cost. But on the other hand, our past experience makes us able to bring international insights and out of the box ideas for clients from the Japan market.”

“Customers want designers who can deliver their vision and value, communicate their messages, differentiate their positioning from competitors,”- Griselda Leung, Founder and Design Director.

“Our management is not only focussed on the design aspect, but also excellent project planning with top quality deliverables to keep our client’s projects moving forward smoothly, because we understand that the cost and impact of any delay could be massive, especially for large scale projects. We are very proud that in our entire business journey for so many years in the past, we never miss a deadline. Never. How we did that? We invest in People – ‘Good people are cheaper than cheap people’,” she says confidently.

Importance of VR Visualization

InterDots is a pioneer in VR technology in the industry and one of the first to include technology in its service, a proven step that has made a huge difference for client communications.

“When a client is investing a huge amount of money for their new space, it makes sense for the project owners to fully experience the design and understand the details at every single angle before it is built,” says Leung.

“This VR technology provides solid ideas of how the materials, colours and textures will work together, how the lighting effects will change the ambience and how the space will feel in relation to the users’ needs,” she explains.

“This saves a lot of time and money for project owners because it minimizes the ongoing design changes and coordination efforts, and the project owners are feeling relaxed for the rest of the project as they already have a full picture of what they will be getting.”

VisionGo Platform

As a leading and award winning interior design consultant with exceptional quality of works and services, InterDots was invited to work with HSBC to provide professional consultation service on their newly launched HSBC VisionGo platform.

“This is a true recognition of the high level of standards and unique market positioning of InterDots. Project owners no longer have to go through the painful process of selecting the right interior design consultant for their projects as this remarkable development of our company just made them stand out from the crowd,” Leung says proudly.

“Other than the exclusive promotion offer, InterDots is now providing limited complimentary consultation sessions for commercial project owners on a first come first serve basis. Those with a vision to have faster business expansion right after the pandemic will be the true winners in the market especially for retail brands, as it is believed that the retail segment will be the first one to fully recover.”

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