A business is only as successful as the people it serves, believes ANDY FUNG, CEO of a company that has taken on the anti-epidemic mandate to save lives and impede the mighty march of COVID-19.

Andy Fung, CEO.

Why would a successful supplier to Target, Walmart, MGA and other supermarket and chain stores worldwide, engaged on the export of slow rebound toys, turn to face masks and anti-epidemic products? Is it just opportunity or a deeper reason underscores this change?

Andy Fung, CEO of T&C Environmental Material Ltd answers this question has he is present the Asia Pacific’s Most Valuable Companies Awards 2020-2021.

“T&C Environmental Material Ltd was founded in 2012, it was mainly engaged in the export of slow rebound toys in the early stage. Its main customers include Target, Walmart, MGA and other large chain supermarkets in the European and American markets. The export volume exceeds 300 containers a year, setting an annual turnover exceeding 300 million achievements.

“But, due to the current COVID-19 outbreak we noticed a shortage of anti-epidemic materials in the market, and citizens have queued up overnight just to buy a box of masks.

So, we began producing various anti-epidemic products and with our solid, mature production experience we decided to establish our own brand to produce anti-epidemic materials providing a better choice of anti-epidemic products to customers,” explains Fung.

“We responded to people’s COVID-19 call for help and that is our best reward. A company’s highest calling is service to the needy and that’s what I’m most proud of,”- Andy Fung, CEO

Quality First!

“In order to ensure product quality, we strictly monitor the quality of production starting from raw material to final product testing,” says Fung. Products have been tested by the international testing organization SGS, the 3-Ply disposable face mask reaches The ASTM LEVEL 2 standard. T& C understands the importance of the words “THE MEANING OF CARE” and wants to be the “care professor” in everyone’s daily life.”

“Truthfully, yes, the outbreak of the COVID-19 has hindered our original export trade business, and the exhibitions we participated in have been canceled as well. The market environment is worse though, we are actively exploring new sectors, flexibly adapting to the market’s needs we have produced urgently needed anti-epidemic products to the public as quickly as possible.

“We also provide our products at a preferential price to our clients. And we also help to relieve financial pressure for our clients that to extend the payment period to 1-month. Until now, we earned much of our client’s trust and we have become a supplier of anti-epidemic materials for large-scale restaurant chains, property management companies, nursing centers and hotels says Fung.”

Meaning of Care!

“T&C is now one of Hong Kong’s most well-known and trusted suppliers of anti-epidemic products and our customers are very satisfied with the products we supplied, particularly with our prices and product quality. We will continue to maintain our advantages and continue to develop new products in response to the needs of our customers. Just like our slogan: the meaning of care! The needs of our customers are the factors we care about the most. We’ll continue to develop more personal care products to bring more choices of different products for our customers.”


T&C’s Face Mask is now available at price.com.hk.

TC 3-Ply disposable face mask (ASTM LEVEL 2 Standard)

TC 3-Ply disposable face mask (ASTM LEVEL 2 Standard)

“Under the outbreak of COVID-19, in order to provide consumers with comfortable and safe masks. T & C insists on producing disposable face mask in high standards – ASTM LEVEL 2. We did the lab tests several times and improved the ear-loop material for a good quality face mask. The product also been packed into different version to meet customers need,” explains Fung.

TC 3-Ply Color disposable face mask (ASTM LEVEL 2 Standard)

TC 3-Ply Color disposable face mask (ASTM LEVEL 2 Standard)

“T&C has developed a color series of disposable face mask with a creative themed packaging design – Travel packaging design concept. We use a combination of colorful masks and travel packaging design to bring out a happy theme. As long as everyone wears a mask together, the epidemic will disappear soon, and everyone can go traveling then,” Fung says.

TC disposable face mask with silicon ear-loop

TC disposable face mask with silicon ear-loop

“In order to solve the pain by mask wearing, we have developed a unique face mask with an environmentally friendly silicon ear-loop, it’s higher elasticity, skin-friendly and soft features can fit all face shape and solve the uncomfortable problem.”

For additional information, please visit: http://tc-env.com.hk/ or shop T&C’s mask at price.com.hk