A pioneer in her field, GRACE HOI devotes herself to ceaseless product development to better serve the market.

The multibillion-dollar slimming industry has shown no signs of slowing down, if Grace Hoi has anything to say about it. Her BioSlim Slimfit Centre has provided services for a multitude of women in Hong Kong for over ten years, who attest not only to effective treatment, but also to great value for money.

Grace Hoi, a body aesthetics specialist, successfully created an exclusive slimming technology dubbed shaping hand in 1998 – a significant breakthrough in the industry landscape. This technology allows women, particularly postnatal mothers, to restore their original body shape by advocating natural and healthy weight loss methods rather than through invasive procedures. As an innovator, she is the first to introduce shaping hand technology to the local slimming market.

Securing a Niche

Within three years after opening in 2005, BioSlim Slimfit Centre established itself as the premier provider of professional postpartum weight loss services in the market. “I made use of my 20 years of experience and expertise in beauty slimming to develop a range of effective treatments for postpartum patients, to ensure that every customer will be satisfied with the effects,” says Hoi. “The team I lead continues to receive unanimous praise.”

As beauty and slimming are of relatively high importance in many women’s lives, the growth potential for BioSlim’s many services shows much promise. Adding to this are public awareness of health issues such as obesity and a desire to attain an ideal body, without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

“From 2012 until today, the development of our icy fat burning and shaping hand technologies have become increasingly popular. The contours of women’s bodies are less likely to rebound after these treatments. In order to lead the health and beauty slimming industry, we must continue to innovate and deliver these changes.”

Maintaining Momentum

“We constantly strive to innovate, remain sincere and devoted to the pursuit of holistic beauty. Our shaping hand technology only continues to improve. After years of effort, we have had thousands of customers receive our treatments. Their continued support and collective satisfaction have granted us many awards from different representative institutions. We are truly honored to receive these accolades,” says Hoi.

Escalating basic costs and national catastrophes could only slow down business for BioSlim Slimfit Centre in its decade-long run. Its reputation for skillful, professional service quality has brought forth stable profitability throughout the years. Plans to open more branches in the Kowloon and New Territories districts for 2016 have been set, with Mainland China as the next target for future development. Grace Hoi’s drive for innovation, constant involvement, and bravery in the face of varying difficulties have paid off, and paved the way for further success.


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