Committed to bringing best-in-class beauty products to Asia’s most discerning markets, beauty stalwart SAU SAN TONG is growing from strength to strength, says Dr. ICE KWAN its dynamic CEO.

“My principle for managing and operating a business is ‘to fully understand the situations and the persons, let the right persons do the right things’. The world is ever-changing and so is the need of consumers and our society. If we remain unchanged, everything will become history, thus creativity and innovation are the keys to success,” says Dr. Ice Kwan, CEO of Sau San Tong.

“You need to know the environment and the trend of the society well. Such information is essential for setting and executing business strategy. Also, you have to know the abilities of your staff well. A company is a platform for everyone to bring out their talents. If we assign the appropriate jobs and duties to the right persons, the best result and the highest efficiency can be achieved. Besides, teamwork is highly important for a company. A company should not solely rely on one single person but a team, the power of a team far surpasses that of one person.”

Against all Odds

Hong Kong is experiencing an economic downturn thanks to which the consumer confidence and investment intention are also weakened. Moreover, there is negative news about beauty industry from time to time, which greatly affects the reputation of our industry resulting in a drop in business. The beauty industry and retail industry are having a hard time, however I take it as a challenge or an opportunity. We carefully judge the hour and size up the situation to make suitable strategy to further diversify our business in this ever-changing market.

Making a Difference

“Over these 16 years, we provide professional and attentive services with an honest and sincere attitude while strictly complying with the ethics of the beauty industry. We put the interests of customers as our first priority. We fulfill their needs and no one is stressed or forced to purchase in Sau San Tong. We maintain our outstanding reputation of “zero” complaints within the industry which explains why so many celebrities and socialites are our customers and have been supporting us for many years. We pay attention to every detail. All products and treatments are carefully and strictly selected by us and our goal is to offer more than what customers pay for. We persistently satisfy and exceed customers’ needs. We have established extensive networks and besides the stores in Hong Kong, we have set up a number of prestigious flagship stores in China.

“Recently, we have successfully expanded our market to Canada and have set up branches in Vancouver. As we continuously diversify our business, we not only deliver traditional slimming and beauty services, but we also provide medical beauty services, as well as a series of slimming, skincare and beauty and health products.”

China Focus

“China is a huge market with very great potential. We will go on expanding our network in mainland China. Our 130+ Sau San Tong franchisees have set up stores covering over 30 provinces in China now and our target is to reach 300 to 500. Sau San Tong has always insisted on a “health-based” slimming and beauty concept and we believe that beauty comes from inside. Besides professional slimming and beauty treatments, we aim to provide more health preserving products and services, integrating cutting-edge medical technologies to let our customers embrace health, confidence and beauty.”

“I have always believed that life is like rowing a boat upstream. If you stop moving forward, you will fall behind. Every time when you encounter obstacles, remember fear does not help anything at all. No matter what you have to face them, so just be brave and positive to take the challenges. Keep moving towards to your goal. There is a lesson in every single challenge. You will gain valuable experience and wisdom after you overcome it,” advises Dr. Kwan.

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