Well accepted natural solution for health and beauty are all the range in Hong Kong thanks to CATALO, a brand synonymous with holistic well-being, says CEO, CALVIN CHAN.

E-commerce and online sales are now well and truly common-place in Hong Kong and CATALO – the territory’s most visible seller of natural health and beauty holistic solutions is riding the on-line wave. Its stores are sprinkled all across Hong Kong and market response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“With over many years of brand establishment in Hong Kong, CATALO has continued increasing our brand’s exposure and proactive in expanding distribution channel in order to further increase consumers’ awareness of the brand and allow more people to attain a healthier and happier life through our products,” says Calvin Chan, the brand’s CEO.

“Only with new ideas can we lead the industry. For many years, CATALO has won the trust of consumers with 5 major advantages, namely product quality, reputation and efficacy, one-stop services, comprehensive pre-sale and after sale services, and the desire and ability to meet the consumers’ needs. This allows the brand to excel when put together with other market players.”

Authenticity First

“CATALO is devoted to developing products to meet customers’ needs while achieving premium quality control standards. Most of our products are produced using branded natural and technology-based ingredients, and are backed with scientific and clinical studies. Majority of our health supplement products produced by current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified manufacturers. Additional tests are conducted at Hong Kong Government accredited laboratories, ensuring product safety and adherence to the most stringent regulatory standards and international quality control standards.

Our product labels clearly list information such as ingredient values, content, and effects, with standardized active ingredients clearly indicated on the packaging as well. This is to ensure that consumers can fully grasp the content of the product and choose according to their needs. CATALO products are guaranteed to contain natural ingredients with high efficacy, high potency and safety.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s Research in 2015 and 2016, CATALO ranked No.1 in Hong Kong’s maternal, baby and children health supplement market in terms of retail sales value for 2 consecutive years.” Chan adds.

“We are committed to understanding your health needs and enhancing well-being with superior natural health foods that give your body the care, vitality and longevity it needs.” – Calvin Chan

Paving the Path

“For the sake of responding rapidly to the ever-changing needs of the market and to control product quality more effectively, CATALO uses a one-stop operation method, combining product formulation, production, marketing, distribution and sales into one.

Nowadays, customers are growingly concerned on the health products and request a high standard. We host in-store nutritionists and a team of health consultants at shops who promote high quality natural health foods to consumers, as well as educate them with health information. CATALO does not only have our own in-shop nutritionists and professional health consultant team, we also provide a free enquiry hot-line whereby customers can have their health questions answered, as well as enjoy comprehensive after-sales service,” Chan explains.

China Growth

“We have flagship stores in popular and biggest ecommerce marketplace in China like Tmall. Most of CATALO products including the hero series like Maternal, Children, Babies and Joint and Bone products can be found and bought through few simple steps. Furthermore, to show our premium image and provide professional services to Mainland customer, CATALO has shops and counters in 1st tier cities in China which cover Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai etc. Together with the diversified set of marketing channels, we believe it will further increase the brand’s reputation and recognition among China consumers.”

“We will continue to build on the many years of our brand’s establishment and be proactive in expanding sales channels in order to further increase consumers’ brand awareness and allow more people to attain a healthier and happier life through our products,” Chan concludes.

For additional information, please visit WWW.CATALO.COM

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