We Chinese are familiar with PU’ER Tea, which is impeccable pairing with dim sum. But did you know that Pu’Er tea can be a drink for your skin too?

Cha Ling L’Esprit Du Thé is a Sino-French eco brand, its products are infused with the distinctive quality of Pu’Er. It has a range with 40 products which are split into 3 categories – Purification, detoxification and nourishment, the power of the nature of the ancient tea gives it user benefits of anti-oxidant, anti-aging and anti-pollution.

Cha Ling L’Esprit Du Thé Sérum Infusion (HK$1,250)

The golden-to-clear glass bottle gives the product a fresh look. The serum is light-weighted. Infused with Pu’Er tea, it is said that it could corrects wrinkles, firms and protects the skin against oxidation.

The brand combines the essence of fresh loose tea leaves and aged fermented eat cake Pu’Er tea to maximize the benefits of Pu’Er tea – antioxidant, anti-aging and detoxifying.

The smell of the serum is really mild and refreshing. As for the serum, it is very hydrating and invigorating, unlike some other serum that leaves me an oily skin. After using the serum, my skin is fresh like a daisy, in this case, fresh Pu’Er tea leaves.