If your face is your personality’s canvas, your skin deserves to be pampered as you would, an impeccable masterpiece and to do just that – enters –  Élévatione!

The brand uses one of the symbols from “El triomf lel Rodolí de la Gala l en Dalí” by Spanish Surrealist master – Salvador Dalí. Some art critics suggest that the surrealistic image of the soft, melting pocket watch shows that time is eternal and always flowing. Élévatione captures such essence in Dalí’s work and injects time with a new concept that rejects the traditional laws of aging. This empowers skin to defy the years, and preserve a youthful appearance in any era, demonstrating the art of making time flexible.

Living up to the brand’s logo by Dalí, Élévatione! Time Stops provides customers with sophisticated and luxurious cosmetic treatments, revealing lasting and radiant beauty, stopping time and exposing your true youthful appearance.

We put the products to test and the result is just as surreal. The products formulations of prestige textures and qualities melts and is quickly slurped by your skin, enhancing youthful appearing skin while providing the ultimate sensorial experience.

The packaging alone captures the imagination and makes for a truly, heartfelt, unique gift too. All the products come in this aesthetic package that pays tribute to Salvador Dalí. Élévatione! is turning beauty into art.



One of the ÉLÉVATIONE signature collections is ‘Repair Your Youth’, it is specially designed for mature skin. They combine the technology – TIGHTOXTM  complex and Reviveyetm with the their handmade infusion of herbs, turning them into noble, anti-aging formulas to boost the longevity of our skin.

I tried it, and LOVE it.

Eye Bless Calming Cream (HK$ 2,080)

The nightly eye cream is an aqua based infusion of hibiscus, raspberry and rose with the Reviveye patented technology and Hyaluronic acid. In the morning, I can tell that my skin around the eye area has a plumped and younger appearance, and it is quite moisturizing as well.

Lifting Creation Serum (HK$2,580)

The serum is very concentrated. If you focus on the feeling of your skin, you can really feel that your skin gets tighten up, almost instantly.

Mineral Smooth Golden Mask (HK$3,880)

In my opinion, the process of applying this mask itself is already an exceptional experience. First, I apply the greenish, sparkly and mud-like mask with a spatula. There is a ‘magic device’ that comes along with the mask. After 20 second, I gently glide the device over my skin without touching, it almost acts like a vacuum to remove the mask. A layer of golden sparkles will be left on the skin and then I washed it off with luke-warm water.

With the jojoba oil and olive oil in the 24K pure gold mask, my skin is rejuvenated with unclog pores!

60 Seconds Firmax Mask (HK$9,500)

The Firmax mask is my personal favorite. The reason being is the application is simple and quick while you can see immediate effect. It is just a quick fix for my puffy eyes.

I highly recommend this product to all the fellow hard-workers who want to get rid of the bags under your eyes with minimum effort.  It is a weekly mask that would change your life in just a minute.


The other ÉLÉVATIONE signature collection – ‘Preserve Your Youth’, it uses the patented AQUALUXE complex with a range of other natural ingredients to strength the moisture and water holding capacity of the skin in effort to achieve the gold ratio of water and oil balance which can prevent our skin from aging.

Art Eye Serum (HK$ 1,780)

The product has a gel-like texture, which is very lightweight and gentle. The formula provides an uplifting and refreshing sensation for the delicate skin around the eyes. 


Élévatione Time Stops’ products are very effective in general, for some of them you can instantly see the result of their products. Although, the products are of the expensive, high-end side but I ensure you they are definitely worth the price.

Rating: 4.5/5

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