Nothing beats bespoke tailoring if you’re looking for a fit that is uniquely ‘you’. REGENT PLACE UNIQUE is the solution as many satisfied customers will testify.

First impressions count and those who accept this, also grow to accept that few tailors in Hong Kong can make them look as good as Regent Place Unique designers can.

In a niche, Regent Place Unique is not to be confused with the business-savvy Tsim Sha Tsui variety offering more for less.

A specialist in her own right, designer Rainbow Lee is a craftsperson. Attention to detail, meticulous needlework and the designer cut form the mainstay of her growing reputation.

Bringing a unique vitality and energy to her work, Lee infuses customers with a large dose of enthusiasm that seems to win friends and influence people. Regent Place Unique is therefore a must-stop for friends, customers and general admirers who pop in to view the craft of bespoke tailoring up front and close.         

Personal Touch

“Material-wise we have the best in terms of fine cloth from Europe (England and Italy) and Asia. Our uniqueness is in our cut, customer service, speed, flexibility and personality,” she explains.

“This business is about relationships and knowing your customer, his/her likes or dislikes. I have a little database of my customer contacts with notes on their likes and dislikes, what I think will look good on them and won’t and a few notes to periodically remind me about them. I try to stay in contact as often as possible and these customers form part of our business family so to speak.”

“Being a tailor that welcomes people from all walks of life I do get the ‘more dash than cash’ kind of customer and when we do, we offer the same kind of friendly service because often these customers grow successful and we retain the goodwill, the personal and professional relations.”

View to a Skill       

“Stitching a suit in itself and each individual suit is a challenge. The challenge starts from the moment you greet a customer and ends after the customer leaves satisfied with his tailor-made garment. It’s very important to understand what the customer expects from the garment he/she wants made. At the end of the day, the garment can only meet those expectations if the tailor is able to understand the mind set of the customer.

“It’s important to befriend the customer too because they usually need advice on colours, materials, styles and much more. It’s just not a question of throwing a stack of fashion magazines as a client and selling them the most expensive material.”

Customised Service

“When it comes to high end clothing, it is not what companies design for the market that is important, but rather what suits the needs of the individual consumer,” says Lee.

“There are many reasons why someone might opt for a custom tailor. The first might simply be one of fit; apart from the taller or broader clients who might have difficulty finding the right size in an off the rack store, the simple fact is that custom tailored clothes fit the client better. Much of my business comes from suit-wearing businessmen who generally wear these clothes for more than eight hours a day, half their waking hours. Comfortable clothing is clearly a must.”

A visit to a custom tailor might seem to only involve taking a few measurements and choosing a roll of fabric; in reality, the process is much more involved.

“The customer has input at every step of making a new garment,” notes Lee. “While we have a strong repertoire of in house styles and cuts, many customers like to bring along clippings of clothes they have seen elsewhere and produce variations on these to suit their tastes.”

One misconception that people often have about custom tailoring is that of cost. While getting outfitted to your personal specifications carries a premium, Lee insists that this merely represents an investment in your wardrobe.

Lee has brought her own brand of personal service to Regent Place Unique and has a growing list of satisfied clients she has outfitted over the years.

“As the supply is more than demand, other than just new suit designs, we are planning to have a new jersey line for business/smart casual wear, which we think there isn’t much in the market yet. We had also created a local brand for leather shoes, which suits different occasion and will be having more style in the future.

“We have a professional fashion designer who graduate in Central Saint Martin-University of London which is a famous design school in the world. Till date we are still exploring new techniques with our experienced old tailor who work in tailoring industry for more than 50 years,” concludes Lee.

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