Futuristic thinking, creative application and organic growth makes visionary entrepreneur market favourite.

A decade back most mobile phone were simply phones with a dialler that served one purpose – making phone calls. “With the emerge of more intelligent mobile phone with photo capturing capabilities, we predicted that mobile phone will become an essential product in our daily life. People will be using mobile phone to replace traditional cameras for taking pictures one day,” says Henry Hong, CEO of AP Photonics Ltd.

“I asked myself, what’s the most critical element in enhancing picture quality? The term “OIS” or “Optical Image Stabilizer” came to my mind. At the stage, I started to build my research team in this area and build an Optical Image Stabilizer small and precise enough to put in a mobile phone.”

Smart Growth

“We have a wide range of modules that cover the needs of the industry. We have a product that has low power consumption, fast focusing capacity and compensation for a larger angle of vibration. Our strength is that we have our own patent and design. We have a strong research and development that could easily change the specification of our product to fit the most stringent need of the client in short period of time. We have differentiated ourselves as follows;

a. We have own R&D team and our patent. We could change design easily to fit the customers’ needs. Our design team can ensure our product meets the most stringent requirement.

b. We have wide range of products that our competitors cannot compete with.

c. We have 2 manufacturing sites and are building a larger site that could rapidly ramp up our production to meet the market needs.

d. We have highly automated manufacturing process and certified quality process to ensure our products is highly precise with reliable quality.

e. Our technology employs simple design approach. The benefit of this simple design is to reduce the parts thus reduce manufacturing cost, reducing manufacturing complexity and improve reliability. As a result, customers benefited with lower cost of deployment and more reliable product.

China Prospects

The marketing landscape in China has changed drastically during the past 10 years. Here’s how:

a. Mobile manufactures transform them selves from OEM factories to have their own brand name.

b. More Chinese manufactures became world top 10 mobile phone brands.

c. Consumer market for mobile phone increased rapidly in China.

d. China brands now demand high quality components.

In response to the change in market landscape, APP has:

a. Increased co-operation with local mobile phone and module companies.

b. Put on research team to analyze the demand in this region.

c. Boosted research and development teams to speed up development of new models include Dual OIS, len shift model etc.

Response to Market

“We are building another manufacturing site in China. The site will have Class 10 – Class 1000 clean rooms and will be equipped with automated manufacturing factories that employs artificial intelligence in manufacturing to improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

“We will roll out new models to cover the needs of the market. We will continue to invest in R&D to ensure that our technology in the leading edge of the industry.

“Looking ahead we foresee the needs of the market in the upcoming decades. Hence, we invest in technology to keep abreast of the industry. We embrace changes and stay brave to adapt latest technology in manufacturing.

“We will continue to invest in R&D as this is the key to our technological leadership.”

For additional information, please visit www.app-hk.com

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