Leading the multi-million dollar corporate coaching market is INNOWISE CONSULTING LTD. Its founder Dr. STEPHEN HO explains the difference.

“We offer comprehensive corporate consultancy, coaching and bespoke training services, targeted at enhancing the performance of individuals and teams of our clients,” says Dr Ho. He founded Innowise to fill a niche left by an industry that should have put more emphasis on personal one-on-one training.

“For things to change, I must change first,” says Dr Ho. “I founded the company to provide a totally different solution to corporates and for performance enhancement. Throughout the years, we have established an effective way to help our clients.”

Understanding the Customer

“As coaching is a new idea to the China market, many enterprises in China are run as a form of family business, and therefore they are facing one common yet critical problem in this decade – hand over to the next generation.”

“If you were the current business owner, would you like all your strategies, policies and the most important – culture – to be maintained for a steady growth after you’ve handed it over?

On the other hand, if you were the new generation, would you like to bring new business ideas, models and concepts, and create a huge success which would not have existed before you took control?

Both cases exist, and our coaching service fits them all. Because no matter what your target is, either sustain the culture or boost up with innovation, coaching is able to make things happen with its nature, to promote actions and results.

We believe that we have already built an effective 2nd generation network, which brings us a bright future.”

Fresh Approach

“Many people may have an impression that, a coach is there to teach, show or provide all essential how-to’s in order to make things happen. However, teaching and coaching are not the same,” says Dr. Ho.

“Teaching enhances your knowledge and skills, enriching your ‘knowings’, while coaching targets for actions, pushing your ‘doings’. By replying to all guiding questions from the coach, clarification of facts, feelings, findings and future action will be identified so that coach would well understand the present situation and be able to take action to find the way out. Getting self-initiated action is the secret of our success, as this represents ownership is taken up by the person being coached.”

After management starts changing themselves, the atmosphere of change for better performance will trickle throughout the organization. We will then launch the “Coach-the-coach-to-coach” program to stimulate all teams and individuals.” Dr. Ho says that a “Coaching House” is usually set up for facilitation.

“As coaching would also pay attention to one’s feelings, performance improvement will be carried out in a more thoughtful and acceptable manner. This is another niche we have: transfer the coaching skills to our client so that they can sustain their plans and strategies independently. In the other words, we build an asset of ‘coaching culture’ for our clients.”

“And the most significant difference of our coaching service is we would make use of behavioral science. We can design unique coaching and training programme using the theory of behavioural psychology, which is specific for certain type of occupation or job functions.

“In addition, as we know people and the personality behind, our tailor-made development programme can be straight-to-the-point and deliver learning objectives right into the participants.

Building on Referrals

Being more out-reaching to different industries is our target, no matter in Hong Kong or Greater China. Although the market seems to be a little stagnant, we see this is a great chance for us to promote corporate rejuvenation.

“Breakthrough needs innovation and creativity, which totally matches with our belief – ‘For things to change, we must change first.’ Fully utilizing our strength of incorporating corporate coaching, training with behavioral science to corporates would definitely refresh the market and the economy.”

Throughout the years, word-of-mouth marketing helped us a lot. Although it seems that the coaching skill transfer practice makes our clients independent from us, the truth is they are keen on referring us to their business partners and eager to meet us in every event of new strategy implementation. Good client relationships matter,” concludes Dr. Ho.

For additional information, please visit www.innowise.com.hk

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