Differentiation and specialisation is the way forward for an imaginative, creative designer says ARTHUR TANG of ARTTA CONCEPT STUDIO.

Arthur Tang, director (middle) with Rio Law, Project Designer(left) and Natalie Chan, Senior Designer (right): “The industry is ever growing, and for us to overcome this is to be better and distinctive from everyone else.”

“After studying in Australia, I grew more aware of all the beautiful designs that Hong Kong was missing. Since moving back to Hong Kong, my friend and I took on several freelance jobs before I decided to start up my own company – ARTTA Concept Studio. I wanted to create a team that provides professional services with a better system to execute design,” says Arthur Tang, director, ARTTA Concept Studio.  


“We do not believe in following trends. All projects are individually unique, as long as the style executes and maximises the benefits of a project. Our main focus is to create a tailor fit branding for our client. No same design is ever repeated in our portfolio as each one has their own characters,” he explains.

“We are a one-stop-solution design firm. Our designers will work closely with our clients in all aspects of the projects, from concept to completion. Alongside us, is our experienced partnerships of architects, structural engineers, E&M engineer, licensing consultants and builders. So that each project is run smoothly and finished before deadline.”

Quality Design          

“We have worked on various projects around Hong Kong, from restaurants, arcade shopping malls, cinemas to commercial buildings and hotels. And we have successfully worked on cinema projects in areas around China such as Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan and Shanghai. And we are continuously looking to design better quality designs and keep on expanding in the greater China market,” says Tang.

“One of the challenges that I believe all interior companies face in this era is gaining confidence and trust from new clients. The industry is ever growing, and for us to overcome this is to be better and distinctive from everyone else.”

For additional information, please visit www.arttaconceptstudio.com

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