Inspired by his father’s examples of commitment to the family, entrepreneur RINGO NG, led his engineering company to success using his family values as a base for his market-leading success.

Ringo Ng, Director: “Our plan is to strengthen ourselves and to get ready for the uncertainties in the future. We have to cope with the new project management trends and new technologies.”

“I was brought up in a grassroots family. My father, a very kind man, worked very hard to support our family. During most of my childhood, he would arrive home after I slept and would leave for work before I woke. Despite not having much time to spend together, I have always seen him as a role model. His devotion to our family is simply unbelievable,” recalled Ringo Ng, director of Success Base Engineering Ltd.

“I would say that my attitude towards life has been largely influenced by my father’s passion, and I have always been passionate about my work. Started as an office boy, I worked my way up through a leading contracting firm and became a project manager, which offered me opportunities to earn much experience and knowledge over the years. At the same time, I learnt that project management skill is equally important as fine craftsmanship. I had also developed a personal judgement of quality as well as aestheticism, and had since become more focused in interior fitting-out works.”

“Around 13 years ago, I decided to run my own business as I have complete confidence that I can also be one of the leaders in the industry. This is the founding story behind the name Success Base,” he explained passionately.

Making a Difference

“Our niche is having a turn-key solution and project management for our patrons. Unlike most contracting companies, we have our 100% owned workshop which includes Metal Smith, Carpentry, Acrylic, Painting and Epoxy Resin. This is the only way to satisfy the extremely high demand on quality and time limit for our project.

“We have also teamed up with over 350 experienced experts and professionals who have been participating in projects of different scale and nature ranging from top branded retail outlets, shopping centers, offices, clubhouses, luxurious residences, and commercial developments to international hotels and resorts. By providing the best on-job services through the delivery of innovative designs, fitting-out expertise, quality project management and ISO 9001 accredited quality operations, we have always been earning the trust and recognition from our clients.”

Vision of the Future

“Sustainability is always the priority. Having a steady growth is more important than having big plans. I have to be responsible for my staff, because they are as important as my family.

Our plan is to strengthen ourselves and to get ready for the uncertainties in the future. We have to cope with the new project management trends and new technologies such as BIM (Building Information Management). Knowing what we are capable of is important for us to become a sustainable business model. The reason behind our success is our base. Base means foundation, and it also means each and every member of our company. The people here make the team successful and they are the base of the company, so therefore the name “SUCCESS BASE”. Many of our staff here have found the sense of security, life direction as well as self-recognition through their work, that I am very pleased. I am so lucky to have some of them with us from day one till now and we have been sharing good and bad times together, we cherish the relationship and I believe that is what makes the base successful.”

China Growth

“We have been very thankful to have the Greater China market as part of our growing journey. The growth of Greater China in recent years has positive effects in many facets. Firstly, it provides opportunities for the building and construction industry in Mainland China, Macau and Taipei. Moreover, the growth of tourism in HK and Macau due to the increasing number of Chinese tourists has brought growth in many other industries in the twin cities, such as Hotel, Entertainment, Catering and Retail, which brings tremendous benefits to the building and construction industry.”

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