Balancing between market forces and industry trends, CHARLES YU has filled a niche. He offers solutions. FORESOON COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO. LTD. will find you exactly what you need.

“We have been in Hong Kong computer retail and wholesale field for over 25 years yet we face changes from the market and industry every single day,” says Charles Yu, the firm’s managing director.

“The market situation is always in dynamic status not only because of the change of the source in China but also because of the need from the different customers including those from China every day. We will say it is the normal ecology in our field in Hong Kong for many years. What we can do is to adapt it by enhancing our own business and build up new extra platforms for new business at same time. For example, we started our business with less than 200 SKU products 26 years ago. Nowadays, we have 14 shops and carrying over 45000 SKU which cover not only computer products but also sport, gaming and health products.”

“We are what many of customers call us  ‘product search engine’.” – Charles Yu, Managing Director

More Than Just Products

“We not only sell computer products but most importantly we provide solutions, product searching service to our customers,” says Yu.”

As a computer retail shops, our focus is not only on the traditional computer shopping mall like sam shiu po, wan chai computer centre and mong kok computer centre but also the outside commercial area e.g. central, quarry bay, fortress hill, north point, kowloon bay to meet our target customers’ requirement. Actually, we are not a product outlet. We are what many of customers call us ‘product search engine’. We can provide the products to our customer even those products are not on our rack at the moment when the customers asking in our shops. Hence, we are a solution outlet.”

Volumes Vs Margins

Yu says: “Since the most of the computer products have their model no. which can be easily searched for on the Internet, the price of every single product becomes more transparent. That means we will face two competitive forces offline and online at same time and have narrow and narrow margins. For overcoming such a kind of situation, our strategy is to increase product categories and increase the selling speed by putting more marketing effort, increasing the purchase quantity to lower the cost and selling price.”

“There are two directions. One is our traditional business for which we keep expanding by increasing one or two more shops in our target location every year. Another one is to accept more new and non-computer related products. I believe what has worked for me – learn to accept new things and let them harmonize with the existing business.”

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