After 20 years as the spirit of Hong Kong’s commercial life, the Mediazone Group announces its regional plans. What does this mean for Hong Kong?

The story began as a mandate to assure overseas markets that the territory would thrive after 1997. It evolved into a business publication that remains Hong Kong’s ‘must read’, titled Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies, read and respected by public and private sector leaders in Hong Kong and Beijing. Its mission – to showcase the ‘added value’ that companies offered Asia’s most discerning markets.

Glenn Rogers

This July 1, the publisher’s HQ in Sydney suddenly announced via social media that Hong Kong’s loudest voice of commercial enterprise was going regional. Why?, we ask its CEO and founder Glenn Rogers.

Q: Why the sudden move? What’s gone right or wrong?

Glenn: Its simple. As a service provider we are what our customers make us. Our first ever Smart City Forum on June 1, 2018 was a resounding success and after the social media promotions there was a surge in interest from markets in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. Sectors like Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Health & Medical Tech, E-commerce, Solar Power, Green Transport, and more have made tremendous strides bringing unprecedented value to regional consumers. No other publisher is as well placed to showcase these to a target audience garnered over 20 years of experience in Asia. Its time to enlarge our foot print.

Q: Does this mean less Hong Kong coverage for the local market?

Glenn: No. In fact it’s the opposite as Hong Kong and its companies will be showcased to new market and new potential clients and business partners.

Q: Do you have plans to open offices regionally?

Glenn: No. This is an era of clicks, not bricks. We will operate from Hong Kong, which will always be our home.

Q: What does the Chinese leadership think of this?

Glenn: I don’t know. Ask them.

Q: How does this impact your image of recognizing Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies at the Awards?

Glenn: Nothing changes. It just gets better. Local companies need regional customers and local customers need regional companies. Its that simple.

About The Mediazone Group
The Mediazone Group is Hong Kong’s leading English language business media, established in the year 2000. The company is well known for its Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies event and publication, as it brings important business insights, news, and intelligence to the city’s vast business community. Kindly visit for more information.