If a dog is a man’s best friend then The Dog’s Garden is a paradise of love thanks to an entrepreneur who built and runs it with remarkable passion and enthusiasm.

Founded by a dog lover, The Dog’s Garden remains a concept born out of love of caring for one’s pets. Quality pet food, treats and grooming is the brand’s goal, the basic concept being to create a platform of friendship, warmth and love for the customer’s pets.

The story in some way, revolves around a beloved schnauzer that the owner had some time back. The pet fell to pancreatic cancer and she feels to this day, that has she had enough knowledge of how to look after her pet, the dog might still be alive. To ensure that other pet owners are better placed, she set up The Dog’s Garden.

Expansion Plans

“Pet-related products and service in China is expanding. The market has a strong potential to grow and we are looking into bringing more new and healthy pet products from overseas to Hong Kong and China in coming years,” says Emily Yam , the brand’s manager in Hong Kong.

“I believe a clean and healthy pet is a happy pet, which is why other than the quality food and treats aspects, we provide grooming by certified and award winning groomers. Our grooming team is not just here to provide haircut and bathing service to our furry friends, but also to help and educate clients with the proper caring and maintenance of our pets. A good haircut and bathing service is essential but the overall caring and the know-how of daily caring procedures is very important too. We provide a grooming report each time after grooming, so that the client knows the actual condition of his/her dogs and what areas of the doggies they need to pay attention to.”

Comfort First

“The whole idea of the service is to ensure the pet is most confortable in our shop. We never put pets in a cage but rather use a longer leash to ensure they are in place but still free to walk around. All our services are strictly by appointment which ensures there are never too many pets to serve at the same time and hygiene and safety is never compromised.

While we offer very specialized grooming services our main strength is in educating pet owners on various aspects of pet ownership including how to get premium pet food and which kind suits your pet most. We also offer advise on cleaning and grooming products to ensure owners use what’s right for their pets. We are working on growing into a wholesaler of quality pet products in Hong Kong as the market is growing exponentially, particularly the mainland market.”

Growth Prospects

“While the market is growing, the number of products entering the market can lead to confusion as there are limited online resources for owners, at least for now,” says Emily.

“We need to differentiate ourselves from the competition and can do this from the knowledge-based service offerings we bring to the market. Once pets are clearly happy with us, their owners tends to stay loyal to our company. The trick here is to stay consistent in our quality, ensure owners are so happy that they refer us to their pet loving friends and that how you grow the brand.

“We are honored to be selected as Best Pet Service Provider by HKMVC but we are still far from being successful. We need to keep learning and listening to feedback from customers. We are also grateful to have a good team who share the same belief of quality grooming and servicing. Having a good team is important because a happy service team means happy pets and happy owners and business growth,” Emily concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.thedogsgarden.com

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