Fighting for a share in a fiercely competitive market local designer puts human relations and personal care as value-added offerings to is professional service.

Nobody tells the success story of GS Interior better than its founder, William Yeung Wai Yip. “Frankly speaking, I was not an interior design major in college. Many years ago, I served as a marketing executive in an interior design firm, which became my stepping stone in this industry,” Yeung says.

“During my years working in this company, my interest in décor and interior design was fully triggered. Then I signed up to many related courses in Hong Kong and even in Italy, and pursued a diploma in this discipline as well. Until 2008, I decided to set up my own company — GS Interior — by myself.”

At the early stage, it was starting from one employee (himself) and one office desk. After 6 months of development, eventually Yeung was able to rent a bigger office and hire more people.    

Glowing Prospects           

Its an exciting time to be in this industry, Yeung says, adding that the industry is facing major challenges but there is also growing potential that needs to be tapped at home and across the border.

“There are lots of opportunities in the China market. Since 2014, I have taken part in the exhibitions and fairs organized by TDC in mainland China. They are definitely very helpful to me because they provide a good chance for me to understand more about different markets in China, such as Chengdu and Yangzhou, and the preferences of the clients in mainland. In addition, many of my Hong Kong clients have referred projects in China to me. Currently I am designing the interior for a concept restaurant in Jiangmen, China.”

“I believe ‘walk your talk’ is important, but maintaining a positive attitude is the key to success.” – William Yeung Wai Yip, Design Director.

Global Experience           

“We love to combine the components in the trend with our signature characteristics in design; plus, adding in many cultural elements. Therefore, besides local clients, we have many global companies in our client base is because we are always willing to spend time studying a company’s background and culture, including its ‘ethnic’ background which is very important. This can give us more inspiration and let us thoroughly understand the needs of our global clients.

“In recent years, we did interior design for the first Hong Kong branch store or restaurant of many global brands, such as 3 Italiani (Italy), Butao Raman (Japan).

Last year, I encountered a big difficulty. I got a pretty big scale project from a client, we both have signed the contract and he has settled the deposit. However, when I was ready to start, I couldn’t reach this client, he has vanished. At the beginning, I was a bit frustrated. But I didn’t give up, I kept searching for him. All of a sudden, one day he contacted me! He explained the entire story to me and it was mainly due to his health problem. I was not angry with him, instead I chose to trust him and help him out in dealing with many legal and contract issues he was having at that time, even though I knew these are extra works that were not within the scope of my deal with him. Eventually all problems were solved not without tremendous effort and now we are good friends. He has even referred two big projects to me. What a surprise!”

Growing in Strength           

“We have categorized our products and services into 4 separate lines. First, GS Interior will continue to focus on commercial premises design and project management. Secondly, residential interior design and project management, will be under our new team called ‘Home Wish’. Thirdly, we just became the exclusive distributor in Hong Kong and Macau region of ‘Paint Works’, a famous Italian deco finishing brand. Lots of promotions and projects of Paint Works are already on our schedule. Last but not least, we have established a new brand ‘J & W Collection’ which sells special designer furniture from Japan, Korea, and China online. It is my first experience in e-commerce.”

Asked about his success formula he says, “somehow I believe ‘walk your talk’ is important, but maintaining a positive attitude is the key to success. When I am in any difficult situation, I will try my best to think positive. If I have a positive attitude, I will have motivation to insist and be patient. I can never succeed without patience and perseverance.”   

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