Leading the industry, M800 has grown into the preferred choice for quality, security, reliability and state-of-the-art communication technology.

Steven Yap, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of M800 Limited.

M800 Ltd is an established telecommunication and IT solutions provider based in Hong Kong. M800 partners with over 260 carriers globally and works with global clients including Fortune 500 enterprises.

The company is an industry leader when it comes to stability and reliability. Renowned amongst its peers, M800 provides rapid implementation of carrier-grade communication solutions with strict SLA, that is well-tested with high availability and fast fault recovery.

Built to Serve   

Founded in 2007, M800 started out offering toll-free solutions but has since grown to encompass unified communication solutions – that sees the merge between telecommunication solutions with IT.

M800 is led by top professionals with over 35 years of experience in developing industry-leading solutions in the telecommunication, mobile and software industry.

Its Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Steven Yap says, “when selecting a solution provider, a business would need to consider if the solutions being offered are able to solve their needs, can help save cost and scale should they grow in size.”

He notes, the main aspects that customers look for are quality, security, and reliability, all of which M800 has and represents.

M800, for example, is PCI level 4 compliant and is certified to offer its solutions to enterprises that are in the most highly-regulated industries such as banking and Fintech.

“All of our solutions are backed by industry-leading security measures and practices that place us ahead of our competitors. It is also for this very reason that we are certain of being able to get and serve the needs of our clients, as well as gaining their trust,” says Yap.

World-class Performance   

M800 has invested a large number of resources to build its own globally distributed network infrastructure. It is composed of multiple Point of Presence and connection with over 260 tier-1 carriers and mobile operators that allows for high levels of reliability provided by multiple layers of network redundancy. M800 is unique in this area as not many companies can offer services that are backed by such an encompassing infrastructure.

Beyond these main benefits, M800 is the first choice for companies looking for cost saving and fast time-to-market. These clients save on development time and resources as they do not have to build any physical network infrastructure to deploy high-quality communication solutions at high speed.

Unique Position   

Yap says, “we are innovative amongst our competitors as we provide communication services over multiple levels. This includes infrastructure as service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

Our solutions, including SDKs and integrated solutions, stand out as they are built across these levels. These can be standalone products/ solutions such as communication SDKs for IoT devices/ apps, form part of a component for businesses like live customer service or be used for internal communication through a communication app.”

Unified Communication Solutions   

The industry-leading solutions offered by M800 are all built to provide strong communication capabilities for businesses – like voice & video, messaging, verification and conference calling. They are enhanced by big data, AI and CRM which gives M800 partners insights into their customers and allow them to make better business decisions.

Key Partner         

M800 believes that having successful partnerships is the key to having a rewarding business and also the reason why they are engaged in an ecosystem that supports and empowers each organization for business growth.

The company is continuously looking for new partnerships and in the past has a proven history of allowing its partners to achieve increased revenue and broaden business benefits.

The relationship M800 has with its partners differs depending on the kind of collaboration they have. It can include being a solution distributor, exchanging technology, or being involved in product development.

While each partner cooperates with M800 differently, they all are able to achieve success because they can utilize the specific strengths of M800 in conjunction with their own to realize accomplishments that are unique to the partnership.

For additional information please visit www.m800.com

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